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Record Label: Serious Medz Entertainment

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Serious Medz Entertainment was founded by Bobo Sparks from Kingston, Jamaica. As a child, Christopher Aswald “Bobo Sparks” Williams was always surrounded by music. His great-grand-stepfather Oswald “Ossie” Scott (saxophone) and his son Vivian Scott (Spark’s grand uncle, trumpet) have been in the music business for years. The Scotts have played with Sonny Bradshaw, Byron Lee and The Dragonaires, Fab 5 and a few others. You can see Vivian Scott enter the bus in the beginning of the video “Jamaican Woman” by Fab 5, in a yellow and white striped shirt .



How did you start your career as a producer?

“I had a friend who was an artiste, but at every big studio he went to they were taking his money and not giving a professional record or helping with distribution. I started to learn the music in 2010 from my cousin Kareem Dawkins. He’s the music producer at Rapid Burst Entertainment. His new record label is now Street Block Records.

As a music producer, working with other producers is a very good thing. Knowing that you’re surrounded by people that love creating music like you do and have fun doing it makes for better marketing. The networking is bigger, and it shows the unity in the music producer fraternity.

My experience working with Street Block Records and Don Michael Productions is an amazing experience. There’s a lot of fun and jokes and creativity when making beats; it’s like 1 beat can be remade into 20 beats when you’re working in the studio…just knowing that three different record labels with different styles and genres can synchronize into one.”



Are there record labels that you work with?

“I’ve worked with the African label Keen Production, as well as Jamaican labels Street Block Records and Don Michael Productions. These are labels you all should look out for.”


Which songs have you worked on that someone might recognize?

  1. Cronsyncro – 1 like me
  2. Nigerian Afro singer King Obidi – “Look At Us
  3. Check Dhat – “Vanity
  4. Reserv – “Tear It Up


What would you say are some of the challenges you face in your field?

“One of the hardest things I face in the music industry is working with artistes that take too much telling and have a big ego. Another is associating with friends that do music or have any professional music or marketing ideas; lastly, not having enough funds to pump your business.”



Do you have any advice for those who want to pursue dancehall music as a career?

“If you really love the music, don’t stop doing it. Even when it seems hard that’s when you go harder. Imagine it like say it’s “The Ballad of ‘65”. The roads are rocky and the hills are far. To make it in the entertainment world, it’s a very rocky journey and success seems far.

As we’re working on establishing our name, we’re currently working on riddims and are looking forward to working with anyone that’s focused – whether they’ve established their name or not. Serious Medz Entertainment means real people who are very serious and focused on great things. It’s just the movement of the people, good over evil. We shall rise again; no pain, no gain. Serious Medz for Serious Gains. Jah Love always, bless up and live up!”

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