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Recession proof your career by enhancing your education

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  • Economic recession may be a great time to earn a higher education, upskill or reeducate
  • A higher education transmits invaluable skills that are often sought after

No one has ever made a truer statement than Arthur Fletcher, former head of the United Negro College Fund, when he coined the phrase, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” During this period of quarantine and isolation you have plenty of time to ponder on a myriad of things, whether they are geared towards self-growth or just simple idle thoughts. Hopefully, you are one of those individuals who may have had that light-bulb moment of deep introspection that is navigated towards self-improvement. When it comes to self-improvement there is no set method. Some individuals tread along the health route where they want to get into fitness, eat healthier or do something as simple as improving their memory.

But what about your career and what can you do to improve it? More importantly how can you recession proof your career?

It doesn’t matter where you are – whether you are working at the entry level or in a senior management position- you can always focus on enhancing your professional goals.

The best  economists on Wall Street have predicted the possibility of an economic contraction that could last the first quarter of 2020. And, while many are optimistic that the global market may rebound in the latter half of the year, the road to recovery may take longer than one might hope for.

The recent raise of the coronavirus has severely affected the job market.Currently many businesses are closed, some have significantly reduce their working hours, while others have made their employees redundant. However, as observed during previous economic downturn, the less opportunity people have to make money they turn to enhancing their education.

By advancing your education during a recession you increase your marketability, develop your soft skills, gain more knowledge about your field or a new field, you can advance from your current position or start a new one. Educational advancement can demonstrate your work ethics, boost your self-confidence, and expand your social network.

The B&B University College, a privately owned institution, has been in operation for over 30 years helping individuals enhance their portfolio even during harsh economic climates. The institution’s mission is to help individuals achieve their personal and professional growth and transformation. The University College offers a wide range of courses from pre-university courses, diplomas, certificates to master courses.

B&B who is in partnership with universities locally and overseas is approved by the University Council of Jamaica. Currently, the institution is offering courses in the following areas: Project Management, Master of Business Administration, Advancing Business Education and SHRM Certification. These courses are not only geared towards helping you enhance your portfolio but also assist in coping with the current pandemic withing a work place setting.

During the current crisis these programmes are offered online, so you may able to focus in the comfort of your home. There are payment plans made available for those of whom who are interested but might be affected by the current financial climate. You may contact them via their website B&B University College for more information.



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