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Raunchy Performances on Stage: Women Equally Responsible

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A debate has arisen on the way females are portrayed in some of the traditional art forms like Dancehall. The lyrics of the songs include words that denigrate women and the manner in which women take to the stage and the acts they perform are also considered by many as quite undesirable. However, there are others, including the men directly involved in these performances, who feel the women enacting those scenes on the Dancehall stages do it of their own volition and in full knowledge of what they are doing. They reject any responsibility for these acts.

There’s a Thin Line Between Entertainment and Vulgarity

Some facts cannot be denied or overlooked; even the famous artists involved with the artform, like Gaga, admit that the acts may appear lewd. However, their justification is that their performance is for adults and the contents are definitely explicit. When the women performers go through their gyrations on stage or there are suggestive moves made by the man and the woman to match the songs being played in the background, its all considered entertainment. The audience should know what to expect and everyone in the audience is expected to be on the same level. Another point thrown into the debate is that the male performer never drags or forces the female performer on to the stage or compels her to do something which she does not want to do. To that extent, it is on the observer whether to describe it as vulgarity or as routine moves. The artistes assure onlookers that they are by no means disrespecting the women engaged for the performances.

Activists Seem to Partly Agree with this View

The main question about these sexy performances on stage comes from the section of society that feels strongly about gender equality and voices strong protest against portrayal of women as objects of desire. They feel such acts appear to send a message of men owning the woman’s body and can do anything they want with it. However, some of the activists do agree with the argument that the female participants in the shows fully know what they are expected to do once on stage and do it willingly. If any of them feel they are being misused or abused in any manner, they must withdraw immediately.


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