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Racism In America…

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What are my views on racism in America? Specifically the most exaggerated sect of racism that has been ongoing for centuries, that is the infamous war of White Vs Black or Black Vs White for those readers who believe I’m playing favourites by putting white first. Now I won’t include too many or any historical excerpts in this article but I’ll definitely allude to several instances in American history and you can do your homework yourself. Self motivated research is really the best way to gain and retain knowledge. Now I must express that these are my views and my views are simply my take on this situation and in no way reflects the opinions of any major body. This article is solely my understanding as someone who sees what’s happening in America from the outward in.

2020 ushered the beginning or better said the continuance of the Pandemic Covid 19 named due to its emergence in 2019. Now I’m making mention of this spread because at the moment The United States of America is number one in terms of countries being ransacked of its people by the Coronavirus. Surprisingly regardless of this, the racist banter continues. And this proves that racism is an everyday thing regardless of the times. Now let’s address black people in America or better using the title given to them African American. The decedant’s of Black Americans were brought to America against their will and forced into slavery. This is all common knowledge, it’s also well known that this slave trade took place in many other parts of the world. African Americans are the most racist of all the racists in America. They perpetuate the most hate towards other races inclusive of their own people. Now don’t start getting angry and yell because this does not apply to every black man, woman and child. Every race has it ugly face but because of lacking alot of necessary structures black people, their families and societies suffer. It is understandable and no doubt true that Black Americans face a great lot of scrutiny and hate for no reason other than their Melanin, but they are not the most oppressed race in America. The police do not target you because you are black and considered lesser than human. All instances of excessive force are not due to an Anti-Black agenda, but this does not diminish the existence of a Pro-White agenda, that indeed exists! The word racism can sometimes be taken out of proportion. There are so many videos on the internet of Black person’s throwing the word Racist at white people because they’re simply asking questions or having a concern, and this is very misleading. Yes of course there are videos that clearly show people that are outright racist and really need some form of mental help, but that is not always the case and sometimes the black individual is taking things out of proportion. White people do this too in a battle that can be popularly referred to as the Dud of Karen Vs Karen. And that is even more unnecessary and eye turning, especially when the encounter stems from absolute nonsense. Don’t take out your camera and yell racist just because of a simple instance that has nothing to do with race. America has a real issue of racism that needs to be dealt with and by you doing this foolishness it takes away from real issues and mixes the truth with garbage. You should know that a lot of police officers are not racist, some are just very evil, greedy and power hungry. They will treat people like garbage regardless of race. So a lot of Indian, Black, Asian, White and many other ethnicities in America know what it’s like to be treated in such an inhumane manner. Black people are not the most ill-treated race in America, they just had a head start and the hate stuck. Black people are the strongest race but due to the mental enslavement and early trauma that even continues to affect them today, they are very easily manipulated. And as a result, a system was made against them and their counterparts (other minorities). A system that only truly represents those who classify themselves or to be classified as true Americans, and you should know what I mean when I say that. Due to trauma, lack of education and all the degradation that has been against Black American earlier than all other peoples, they didn’t realize that system was being made and those who did and spoke up against it were imprisoned and or killed.

On another note, It is not acceptable to make people (Caucasian) feel bad for the actions of their ancestors. They are not obligated to get on their knees and beg for your forgiveness. Similarly, they should not view you (black people) as their subordinates or lesser than themselves. However, Caucasian Americans should understand that because of those actions carried out by their ancestors, they have and continue to have a head start over all races in America due to generational wealth made on the backs of those ancestors of Black Americans and other groups, laws that were made for a system of separation and an educational system of bias that teaches persons to hate. Hence, White Americans have what is now popularly known as White Privilege.

America has had its fair share of riots and uprisings. It has given birth to Black Panthers, speakers and fighters for justice toward Black folk. It has made groups and formed alliances all in the name of equality and justice. However, if as a Black American you want to make mention of racism you must ask yourself, How much has been achieved? Remember that slavery was an act of utter inhumanity. Your ancestors were forced from their homes and beaten into unjustified servitude and in the end they had to pay for their own freedom. So what have you gotten for that wickedness? What has been given in the name of your ancestors? What justice has been laid out for your ancestors for all that they have endured? From what I can see your ancestors were dragged into horrible conditions and worked to death and after centuries in return, those who survived alongside today’s generation were only given allowance to reside in the place they were dragged to and forced to multiply and have some of the things that your slave masters used to own in return that you follow their laws. What have you truly been repaid? Have you been repaid?

One of the greatest questions I ask myself as an individual looking into America trying to understand racism is, Why is it that Black Americans have accepted the title African American? Now if your parents came from Africa and now reside in America they rightfully should be called African-American, but if you as an individual who was born in America what makes you an African American? What makes your descendants African American when they are all born in America? The same can be said for Latino Americans and all the other minorities in the USA that are given these titles to make them less than American. Why are the Caucasians not called European Americans? All of them descend from Europe.

Now ask yourself these questions and think. And remember that black people are not the most ill-treated in America but white people and racism are the most exaggerated. Who really benefits from the effects of racism and the war on Racism in America, both a question and an answer.


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