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Proud Mary (Part Two)

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A few days later, Mary brings Danny to a hot dog stand to get some food, but she is really on a job, staking out Walter so she could find the perfect opportunity to kill him one day. She watches the time he leaves his home and returns then one day she did succeed in murdering him while he was jogging. Uncle’s nephew mentioned earlier, Luka, retaliates by sending men to murder Benny Spencer but instead, several of his bodyguards/associates were murdered in that drive-by shooting. The ones that were alive were able to fire a few shots but missed. Benny Spencer’s son and Mary’s ex-boyfriend, Tom Spencer was infuriated by these recent events and was determined to get revenge. He visits Mary’s apartment to speak with her but instead finds Danny playing games.

Appalled he began to ask him questions to figure out who he was then he eventually leaves. Mary comes home and finds Danny in her room (the one place she told him not to go) he told her that Tom came by. The next scene followed Tom torturing one of Luka’s men seeking answers to questions he learns that Luka and his men were having a meeting shortly and this would be a perfect opportunity for Tom Spencer and his men to take down their rivals.

Mary was invited by Benny Spencer to his wife’s birthday party and she was to bring Danny; she groomed Danny physically and mentally but Tom had his suspicions that Danny belonged to Marcus and he confronted Mary about it in his parent’s kitchen on the night of Mina Spencer’s birthday dinner. During a dance with Mary and Benny Spencer, Mary tells him that she wants to get out of this life because she wants to explore other life opportunities of course she knows that getting out of the life of organized crime is not as easy as ABC so she has a talk with Danny the next morning begging him in tears that if anything happens to her, he is to take a stash of cash she has and her gun and run as fast and as far as possible and start his life over somewhere.

Mary and Tom are now on the property of Luka but are unable to find him, Tom tells Mary that his father will never allow her to leave this crime family organization alive; she does the job but is wounded and went home. She told Danny the situation and then falls asleep on her couch, Danny finds this to be a perfect opportunity for him to go speak to Benny Spencer (mob boss). He is spotted by Jerome speaking to the security of the family.

Danny has a gun pointed at Benny’s head and has every intention to shoot if he refused to let Mary go. Benny then tells the child the story of his father owing over 100k and Mary is sent to kill him for refusing to pay. Danny doesn’t believe but is interrupted by Mary holding a gun to Benny’s head (poor Benny). Mary tells Danny to run downstairs and wait for her there; she has a conversation with Benny about letting Danny go but he instead tells her that she will train him to become an assassin and he will be owned by him; Mary then kills him in his own office. She escapes unseen.

Tom learns from Jerome that he saw Danny entering the building then running out so Danny was the last person that saw Benny alive. Mary finds Danny at his favorite spot and explained to him what happened and how sorry she was for it but tries to explain to him that right now she is the only person that is looking out for him because the mob is going to kill him one way or another.

Danny was later kidnapped by Tom and he calls Mary to save him, she murdered all of Tom’s men then Tom himself using a bullet to his head. She calls for Tom then drives off in her silver Maserati.



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