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Professor When: Chapter 5

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Interspatial Station

Earth, Quadrant 8

June 9, 3020 A.D.


Buttoning up my shirt I watch the’med-lers’ as I like to call them pour over my physical report.

” It’s incredible, complete auto-recovery!”

This batch must be new. Silently walking towards them I slipped my head between theirs.

” Yep, I am  just made of all kinds of awesome.”

It was gratifying to watch them jump a healthy foot in the air.

” Aruway if there’s nothing else I’ll be returning home.”

” Well, act-”


Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean

Earth, Quadrant 5

June 9, 3020 A.D



I was a spear of light as  I descended into the depths. At the ocean’s floor, nothing but sand surrounded me for miles, but above me was a pod of North Atlantic whales. The youngest clung by their mothers aside as they made their way across the vast unknown together.  Standing alone I tilt my head back and let the faintest current wash over me; then I start to make my way home. My hair trails behind me in Stygian wraith-like waves with my eyes-dilating to accommodate the fading light.  Starting towards a chasm, a dart of black rushes towards me and barrels into my abdomen. We slowly fall backward and I wrap my arms around its body. Stroking its rubber-like skin a laugh arises in my chest as the dogfish shark keeps nuzzling me.

” I missed you too aenyo.”

Lying there, entangled in each other there was a moment where the whole ocean was still, and in the distance, I could the stars. Perfection for me occurs in moments that never last.

” Let’s go home.”

My bare toes brushed against the edge of the ocean shelf and I  slowly sit down and let my legs dangle off the edge. I slowing begin acclimatizing my lungs to the deep-sea pressure polarizing the water molecules so I can absorb the oxygen and releasing the carbon dioxide in bubble-rings. aenyo darted through them doing simple tricks to amuse and pass the time.  My heart-rate slowed to 40bps and I gently push myself off the ledge.  I free-fall for about sixty seconds before I strike the barrier of my home. Landing feet first, aenyo follows through a moment later in a suspended ball of water.

The entrance is unassuming it looks just like a large colony of coral. The polyps are made of synthesized organic matter and as I approach the molecules rearrange themselves to create an opening. Raising my foot to step through I feel a buzzing in my pocket. Looking at my communicator the transmission ID is for the Interspatial Station.

” Answer or ignore? Choices, choices.”

I press the button to open transmission and turn around to lean against the coral wall.

“Interspatial Station to Professor When Where are you.”

” I’m not telling you because  then you’ll feel entitled to come over and disturb my peace  more than you do.”

” Professor When an encrypted transmission arrived for you 2 seconds ago.”

Rubbing my forehead only seemed to make my aggravation grow.

“Where from?”

“Pleura 628”


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