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Professor When: Chapter 2

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June 7, 2020 A.D

Primary Dimension, Quadrant 1.


As soon as the words leave my mouth my back bows under an immense pain that leaves me howling.

“ Professor When are you alright?!”

Rolling onto all fours, I start slowing my heartbeat to 30 bps to stave off the worst ‘The Pull’s’   pain.

” Don’t worry Benjamin it’s normal.”

‘ In and out,’ just focus on breathing I can do this, I think.  The pain starts to die down and then the countercharge from the solar flare puts me on my side. Yep, those things definitely sting. The counter-charge dilates my pupils and the sunlight sears my eyes. Unable to close my eyes the tears flow freely but I hold back my scream because Benjamin looks terrified. The poor guy’s been through so much already I’d really hate to be the one to send him over the edge.

He looks down at his hands.

” Did I do that to you?”

” No! It’s the counter-charge from the solar from when the sun exploded.”

” Sun -explosions, a whole world decimated to dust…  Oh God !what did I do?!”

Lurching to the side he starts to dry-heave. Mentally, he’s still a mess but after returning to his dimension his biomass has increased greatly. Flesh appears on top of the bones, his face loses its gauntness, and growing are hundreds of strands of golden curly hair.

” You fell into a world where you didn’t exist. This disrupted its balance as the energy you carried from your world differed greatly from the one in this world.”

Shielding my eyes from the sun with my left hand, I use my right to put in my pair of 9c grade sun-protection contacts.

” Energy can’t be created or destroyed only changed. This world tried to change the energy in you and it made you unstable. ”

” How did I end up in that world?”

“What’s the last thing you remember?” I ask casually.

Please don’t be a lode-stone formation, please don’t be a lode-stone formation those things always require so much paper-work and…

” I was rowing on Mirror-way lake. The weather had been good that day so I decided to go fishing. I was near the middle of the lake when my boat flipped over suddenly. I fell into the water .. and that’s all I remember.”

Lode-stone I think sighing,  and they just had to be underwater, didn’t they?

” You must have rowed into a lode-stone formation, disrupting its magnetic field. Sometimes this interruption can induce a weak spot in the magnetic barrier between dimensional planes. Sometimes that all it takes for a person to fall through and they become a…”

” A time-slip,” he finishes softly.

Devastation is written all over his face.

” I killed everyone.”

” Yeah you did, but, don’t worry they’re alive now.”

Jolting, surprise replaces his devastation.

” How are they alive now?”

” Once I removed you from this world it retrograded, resulting in complete reanimation.”

” So what’ll happen now?”

He looks better now and definitely qualifies as a grade-A stunner. I could miss him, but for me such emotions are pointless.

” Your life will continue as before. As soon as I leave I will be erased from time here, it’ll be as if I never existed.”

Bitterness is such an ugly thing, but I wonder what it’d be like to be remembered by someone again, just once?  Feeling the next wave of pain coming, I’ll take it as my cue to leave.

” Goodbye, Benjamin Rolough.”

“Professor Wh-!”

It’s time for me to return to the Time-Void.

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