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Prime Minister Holness Initiates $1.66 Billion Housing Projects

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The Hummingbird Meadows is a housing project initiated by the Jamaican Prime Minister to provide 406 one-bedroom homes for its citizens. Jamaica has been deficient in the housing area and this project is a huge relief for those citizens living in bad conditions. Andrew Holness, Prime Minister, started this project in Bird Hill in Clarendon.

The project, initiated by the National Housing Trust (NHT), is in its second phase. The groundbreaking ceremony was conducted by the Prime Minister as well as the other Cabinet Ministers on Friday. The goal of this project is to provide housing facilities across a land of 289 acres. Ultimately, the 100 one-bedroom and 236 two-bedroom houses are going to be constructed on this land. A part of the land is also allocated to 70 serviced plots.

Urban housing infrastructure in May Pen, Clarendon

Professionals and others wanting a home will benefit from this project in May Pen, Clarendon’s capital. The Prime Minister expresses joy that he will see his citizens prospering through this housing project. These are tiny luxury homes that have all the modern amenities that let their citizens live an urban life. Hummingbird Hill is one of the top builders who is developing and building the infrastructure of this project. The ground breaking ceremony was celebrated with performances and speeches.

Jamaicans To Experience a Better Lifestyle

Residents wanting to purchase a property built on this land have access to grants to make it easy for them to buy a home. The Prime Minister estimates that by the year 2021, 23000 homes will be built. Families can enjoy living in communities and experience a better lifestyle with this project.

There are 130 one-bedroom houses, 10 two-bedroom houses, and 10 serviced plots already constructed on this site.


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