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Podcast: “The Unfiltered by G’Ade”

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“A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. Streaming applications and podcasting services provide a convenient, integrated way to manage a personal consumption queue across many podcast sources and playback devices. A podcast series usually features one or more recurring hosts engaged in a discussion about a particular topic or current event. Discussion and content within a podcast can range from carefully scripted to totally improvised. Podcasts combine elaborate and artistic sound production with thematic concerns ranging from scientific research to slice-of-life journalism. Many podcast series provide an associated website with links and show notes, guest biographies, transcripts, additional resources, commentary, and even a community forum dedicated to discussing the show’s content.”  – Wikipedia

I stumbled across a podcast series that seems to be picking up a lot notice in recent times. I’m not really the type to be interested in this medium of communication, but after listening to a couple of episodes I may have to rethink my stance on the affair. Each episode is filled with versatility, from learning about real estate and the housing market to knowing about the struggles of nursing during the Covid-19 pandemic and whether or not oral relations between consenting couples is a sanctified act. Needless to say, I decided to get a word with G’Ade, the producer and host of this ambitious and remarkable initiative.



What inspired you to start this podcast?

“I began the podcast as I needed a medium to have solid discussions about various topics that normally Christians won’t touch, and just our daily lives as humans overall! I wanted a relaxing atmosphere that interviewees and listeners can feel and enjoy while they learn something or even expand their knowledge.”


How do you know which topics to select?

“I think of topics that interest me, as an individual and as a Counselor. I am normally approached to have discussions about issues that baffle persons or I am asked to give my view on various topics, so why not? There is a big pool, I just dive right in!”



What do you hope to achieve through this medium?

“What I hope to achieve is for persons to be educated, entertained and inspired. Life is already a battlefield, so instead of having one more thing to stress you, listen to “The Unfiltered by G’Ade”.


How important is communication?

“Communication is imperative. It is a way of life that we must learn how to navigate because we must do it, one way or the other. Communication is at the top of my list and learning to break the different barriers of communication will make relationships work!”



What does having support mean to you?

“Having support means the world to me, especially from family and friends. When they are cheering for you and pushing you beyond your comfort zone and believing in you, it speaks volumes!”



Feel free to contact The Unfiltered by G’Ade at:



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Blessings in abundance!


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