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PNP Leadership Challenge – Peter Phillips Undaunted by Bunting

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It appears that all is not smooth sailing for the Peter Bunting leadership challenge. The mood in yesterday’s extraordinary meeting of comrades in Clarendon was smouldering. Members of Parliament, Councillors, Caretakers, and other supporters of Peter Phillips are upset that Peter Bunting has chosen this time to announce a disruptive leadership challenge.

According to media reports today, party insiders consider the timing of Bunting’s challenge against Dr. Peter Phillips to be inappropriate.

“…the challenge is going to set the party back and serve to shift focus from the larger problems affecting the country,” said a party insider quoted in the media.

Settle the Matter Early

Central Manchester Member of Parliament, Peter Bunting, the challenger for the PNP leadership held by Dr. Peter Phillips.

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Phillips in a PNP release urged the party to settle the matter in a “timely manner”. He is also arguing for the process to serve the best interest of the party so that the PNP can refocus attention on critical national matters plaguing the country at this time. Evidently, Dr. Phillips is desirous of dispensing with the leadership challenge quickly rather than interfering with the usual agenda of the annual party conference.

The PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson indicated that the party will have discussions on the matter in a meeting later today. The aim is to identify a date and work out the logistics for elections to settle the leadership matter once and for all.

Party Stands by Phillips

By all indications, Dr. Phillips received the party’s continued backing for him to remain at the helm. The participants in yesterday’s special meeting in Clarendon signaled their support for his leadership.

In its news release yesterday, Dr. Phillips reportedly said that the paramount consideration for the PNP is to provide the Jamaican people with “a strong and effective alternative to an out-of-control JLP Government.”

Phillips also expressed appreciation for the show of support he received in yesterday’s meeting. He gave his assurance that he will not allow the leadership challenge to damage the party’s viability or commitment to Jamaica to provide “alternative leadership and effective governance.”

As the matter of the Bunting leadership challenge continues to unfold, one can only wait to see how the final episode plays out.


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