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Physical Therapy with Jordaine Nembhard

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What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is an evidence-based medical practice that is geared towards redeeming or maintaining the functionality of a patient. This is done via many different modes of treatment: hot packs, ultrasound, etc. But I personally believe that our main mode of treatment is exercise, prescribed based on clinical and radiographic findings.



How long have you been practicing your craft, and what has your experience been like?

I have been a physical therapist for about two years. It’s been really fun. I like the fact that I am able to help people recover from problems that are not just medically related. Often times, the problem has a hold of not only the person’s physical but mental and emotional health.

 For some reason, I like treating stroke patients. I find that they have a view on life that is much different from the “healthy” individual. Usually our goals in life are based on status and material gain. However for them, being able to walk to the bathroom or change their clothes is their main focus. I find I learn a lot from them and they remind me that all that really matters is how you live your life and not what you own in life.

I see myself possibly finishing my Masters (maybe in Sports Med) and if that goes well, probably a Doctorate in spinal manipulation, or neurological physiotherapy.  I see myself starting a practice of my own and also multiple businesses for different revenue streams, just to ensure that I’m comfortable financially. I find that it’s very important to get that out of the way as quickly as possible.”


Has the pandemic affected business for you in any way?

“The pandemic has affect business in that the elderly persons who I treat are less likely to come out for visits. The track and field events I would usually attend are no longer being held; hence the amount of athletes I work with is a lot less. However, business has still been good, and I can safely say that God has been good to me. I have had to make sure I am following the safety guidelines set by the government. But all in all, it’s been okay.”

Jordaine at his graduation from the U.W.I. in 2017. Standing with him are (L-R) Jared Harris, Bakhita Johnston and Romario Townsend

What is your therapy?

All physical therapist are trained in three general forms of rehabilitation: orthopedics, neurology and cardiopulmonary. The groups can be subdivided (such as sport rehab which falls under the category of orthopedic, etc). The ones I prefer are orthopedic and neurology. For some reason I am not a very big fan of cardiopulmonary physical therapy. I am still able to do it, but for some reason those two are where my passion lies.


Where do you see Jamaica in the next five year?

“It’s kinda difficult to answer, considering the current pandemic. I don’t know how well we’ll recover from it. One thing is for sure – Jamaicans are very strong, resilient people and if we all come together with that mindset to develop the country, we would do excellent. Will we do that? I don’t know. We could be one of the best countries in terms of economy; maybe even the highest growth rate the economy has ever seen. I have faith in us as a people, and I believe we’ll do excellent.”



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Blessings in abundance!


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