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“Persons who own businesses are more likely to help you up the ladder, people who manage/supervise it will kick you off.”

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Entrepreneurship is a new journey for me; I learn as I go. I don’t know if it’s because I am having an emotional day today, but today has been one of the days when all the struggles and mental breakdown I’ve pushed down, has exploded in the form of tears.

To make matters worst, I am employed under the world’s most disrespectful boss who has fixed her attention on firing me for almost 2-3 years.

I am the youngest person in my department but my co-workers who understand me, know that I am a natural-born leader and my talents will be best utilized in other areas of life, rather than sitting at a desk losing myself in work that will not aid my career journey.

During my mental breakdown today, the supervisor approached me very harshly and my first instinct response is to be rude. I know I’ve matured when I responded by saying, “Noted.”.

I decided to write an article about it (because this is my way of expressing my feelings) not before getting sidetracked and ended up on LinkedIn and seeing this photo shared by Brigette Hyacinth.

This lifted my spirits and got me thinking about something else for a split second while in the middle of a breakdown.

This quote by @ChristineCane is one in which I wish more folks in Management positions could understand. I speak from the seat I am sitting in at the moment, but the persons in Management that I am surrounded by daily do not understand this message.

It is clear to me that persons who can bring change to a company and make the lives of present and future employees easier are being passed over for promotions because they challenge decisions, ask questions, or they have reasoning ability.

This message is not meant to come off as being disrespectful to anyone, but these are based on things I have not only seen but experienced myself.

I have yet to be apart of a team that views different personalities as assets rather than threats. I have yet to be supervised by persons who want to mature professionally and personally by learning from everyone they supervise. Most importantly, I have yet to find a Manager/Supervisor that wants to help their employees grow.

I say (have yet) because I do believe that there are persons like that in Management positions and I am hoping I will be in that situation one day.

Even if that day never happens as one of the upcoming female business leaders, I do intend on being that change for persons under my wing.

Do you know where I have personally experienced people willing to help others up? Wealthy people. Wealthy people that own successful businesses and assets to show for it as a bonus.

My experience so far in both the entrepreneurship and professional world has taught me one thing, “Persons who own businesses are more likely to help you up the ladder, people who manage/supervise it will kick you off.”

In conclusion, I hope persons in these leadership positions can imitate the qualities of a leader rather than a manager. If this cannot be changed, I implore those of us who will be in these positions in the future to remember this message, “To build a strong team you must see someone else’s strength as a complement to your weakness, not a threat to your position or authority.”


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