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Palace Amusement and Chill: 5 Reasons Going to the Movie Theatre is Still Worth It

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What is Palace Amusement?

Palace Amusement is a company that owns several theatres across Jamaica and is into film distribution. Their website gives you an idea of the genre and duration of the movie along with the cast acting in the movie. You can also watch a trailer of the movie to help you decide whether you would like to watch the movie in a theatre. The Palace Amusement website allows you to book tickets for your favourite movie and write a review as well. It also highlights the weekly schedule of movies that are being screened in various theatres in Jamaica.

Palace Amusement and Chill: 5 Reasons Going to the Movie Theatre is Still Worth It

There is no doubt that you can watch a movie in the comfort of your home on your laptop or home theatre. Yet, opting for the movie theatre to watch the same movie can very well be a great idea. There are many reasons this may be better option. Here, we tell you five reasons going to the movie theatre is still worth it; then after you can just book your movie tickets through Palace Amusement.

Sound effects are superior to those at home

Theatres usually render realistic surround sound effects thanks to various technologies like DTS and Dolby Digital. You will not enjoy these effects as much on movie related websites such as Amazon Prime and Netflix that are dedicated to screening movies. Palace Amusement gives you an idea on what sound effects the theatres have to offer.

Watch 3D movies

Many movies have chosen, in recent years especially, to distribute in 3D format. They add more life to the movie and give you the feeling of realistic interaction at various scenes throughout the movie. These can be experienced only if you watch a movie in a theatre. Websites and home theatres will not be able to give you this thrill. When you book your ticket through Palace Amusement, you will get to know if the movie is a 3D movie or not though the trailer may not show the movie in this format.

Palace Amusement and Chill: 5 Reasons Going to the Movie Theatre is Still Worth It

Enjoy the company of a group

Going to the movie theatre as a group with friends is sure to double up the viewing experience. The excitement picks up momentum when there is a relatively big group even if you do not know the group you are seated with. For example, when the group laughs at a joke, you feel the pull of excitement and a need to laugh along with them. Similarly, when it is a moment of surprise, you will be able to experience others holding their breath along with you. This kind of interaction makes for a more thrilling experience.

Focus on the movie

When you watch a film in the movie theatre, you are able to focus on it wholly without any distractions. This cannot be assured when you see the same movie on your home theatre or Netflix. At home, there is bound to be various distractions like answering the telephone or a visitor dropping by. You may even have to get up occasionally to attend to your family. All these distractions and more are at bay when you opt to go to a movie theatre.

Previews of upcoming movies

Most movie theatres screen previews of upcoming movies before the feature film. You are often likely to fast forward these previews when you see them in between your favourite movie at home. There is no option but to see them in a theatre. This is a good way of helping you decide whether you want to see the movie when it is screened fully at a later date.

Palace Amusement in the News

Towards the end of last year, Palace Amusement was in the news for declaring the opening of a new cinema theatre in Portmore, St. Catherine. The movie theatre operator confirmed its plans for opening a four-screen theatre in Sunshine Outlet Mall located in Braeton. There would be less than 700 seats total and a VIP area with reclining seats. The announcement was made following the operator making a revenue of $1 billion with the release of the movie Black Panther that resulted in the profits being quadrupled.

Palace Amusement and Chill: 5 Reasons Going to the Movie Theatre is Still Worth It

Palace Amusement also announced that it would be introducing laser technology for projecting movies in its theatres as part of its future plans of improvement. The operator said that this would help the films screened in its theatres to depict superior light quality. It would also issue disposable 3D glasses at some locations depending on the requests and preferences made by its customers.

A few months ago, Palace Amusement made a statement on its website that it has increased its regular and 3D admission rates for both adults and children with effect from April 2019. The revised rates were also mentioned.

Finally, why book your tickets through Palace Amusement?

Booking your movie tickets through Palace Amusement has its own advantages. It is your one stop destination to get to know about which movies are being screened in all the theatres in Jamaica. You do not have to go to the movie theatre way ahead of the show time and wait for your turn in the queue to get to the ticket counter. You can also enjoy a concession on your favourite snack that you buy at the snack counter.

Palace Amusement and Chill: 5 Reasons Going to the Movie Theatre is Still Worth It

The Palace Amusement website also provides a list of the various events going on its theatres across the island. The website gives detailed information about the price per ticket for adults, children and senior citizens for each category such as ordinary movies, 3D movies and various events. The website offers tickets at half the price for its evening and matinee shows that are screened on Mondays and Tuesdays respectively. The operator supports bulk booking for events such as school shows, as well as discounts for senior citizens over 60 years of age and members of the Montego Bay Yacht Club.

Thus, booking your ticket through the Palace Amusement portal is one of the best ways to enjoy a cinema in a movie theatre anywhere in Jamaica.


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