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Out of work with time on my hands… What can I do?

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The world at large is reeling from the impact of Covid-19 across nearly, if not all industries and sectors. Some are more adversely affected than others, and some have been affected earlier while some later. Some industries have structures that afford their professionals the opportunity to continue to work minimally affected by the virus, save for their own personal public exposure, while others have come close to or have had a complete shutdown.

With hundreds of thousands of workers out of jobs due to travel restrictions, affected industries, school closures and social distancing orders, many persons find themselves thrust into an unforeseen circumstance, with little to no alternative options for income to sustain livelihood. Our experiences all differ and it is not a one size fits all in the effects of this pandemic. Some businesses have made provision of partial salaries, care packages and other relief assistance initiatives for at least some of their employees. But what about those who are not so fortunate? What can the domestic worker, the labourer, the contract employees and all other affected workers do to alleviate the financial and social strain they have been so suddenly faced with? This is the challenge faced by many grappling to maintain as much normalcy as possible in this time; out of work… what can I do?

When faced with this question we can research and inquire about available jobs in sectors least affected by this pandemic and match our skills, qualifications and experience to apply. We may be able to take courses we may or may not have been considering before, to better equip ourselves for when things begin to normalize, that we may have a better chance of landing a job making ourselves more capable and more appealing to employers. The most fortunate of us will be able to remain at home, complete projects we have been meaning to, make that home improvement we had put off for lack of available time, or spend some quality time with our children and family not usually afforded us due to work and school. The important thing to consider when exploring these options is, your individual situation/circumstance. Not everyone can afford to remain isolated at home and enjoy family bonding time, and focus on neglected paint jobs and plumbing repairs. Not everyone has the wherewithal to enroll in and complete online courses or seek to be gainfully employed in other sectors than they are accustomed to and versed in.

It requires research, application of self and patience to find the best possible option for individuals in this time. It is important that we do not get discouraged or disheartened when it seems we are not making any progress in all our efforts, but be relentless and resilient given the current economic climate, and push through till the turning of the tide. I remember the timeless words of Martin Luther King Jr. when he said “The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience, but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges”. These are challenging times, times we see once a century on average at best. the question here is, where do you stand in times as this? Are you adrift in a sea of uncertainty and despair, frustrated with the wayward flowing current, or you anchored, grounded firm and deep in the sands of will and great determination?


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Positively uplifting and thought provoking read and your closing quote from martin Luther and self reflective questions LEAVES the reader with renewed inspiration