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Online Marketing and the Global Community

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You don’t need to look very far to see that everyone and their relatives are now utilizing their stationary and mobile devices to post, share, like, comment or stream some aspect of their daily lives. The current coronavirus pandemic (covid-19) is opening a number of avenues for those who have been tending to their online garden of  offerings to give and/or sell to the public. It cannot be overlooked that, due to what we now consider the “new normal”, these changes towards a technological movement will be long-lasting. Yet, I find that these changes are also hardly understood by many of the online members using them.

It is not enough to simply love what you do, as pressuring as this may sound. You have to study the metrics and algorithms of the platforms you are trying to use, as well as the ones you aspire to own. Marketing sites are now posting infographics clarifying why your content may not be booming with attention from the audience you are trying to cultivate. This can be due to a number of factors, such as having bad quality content, not posting it often enough (we have very short memory spans as human beings), not understanding how to run an advertisement, or even not interacting enough with those who do manage to come across your material.

Now is the time for learning. Books must be read. Informative livestreams must be watched. This is the time to take note of what your competitors are doing, to see what you can modify as it relates to your own online delivery. You have to matter. You have to be relevant to make an impact. Charts, statistics, customer reviews. It is all important. The comments section is a gold mine when it comes to seeing how the public is thinking in respect to various perceptions and over-arching societal expectations. Without technology, we may have been in a been more difficult position with the outbreak of this pandemic and the fast spread of information is making it easier to control large crowds, make legal changes to our daily routines, and contain the spread (or, “flatten the curve”) of the virus’ movements.


Still, there is a downside. Some may be left behind if they fail to understand how to use these tools to their benefit – if they even have access to them at all. One big example of this is the education system, where daily we see the cries of parents who have never had to do homeschooling before; children who are buckling under the added pressure of being in a new type of educational system and are most likely being overworked because of it; administrative bodies making decisions on a day by day basis since the eventuality of an event like this was probably never considered; and even the Internet Service Providers now face public scrutiny more than ever before as it relates to their shortcomings in being able to provide top-notch service to their clientele.

As we grow and evolve into more technologically adaptable human beings, let us be aware, learn and share vital knowledge. Being successful in your own right is highly commendable, but if the rest of society is lagging behind, then all of us will not be able to fully enjoy the fruits of our labour. So far, we’ve seen memes go viral and now we all know someone in our contact lists selling (functional, I hope!) face masks. What else can we accomplish? Let the growing continue.

Blessings in abundance!


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