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Nutraceuticals – More than 150,000 Jobs to be Created in Jamaica

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National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST) has been working on a new nutraceutical. Nutraceuticals are fortified food products that act not just as a supplement to the food but also have a host of other health benefits. Nutraceuticals can help prevent certain long-term illnesses and are known to provide a lot of medical benefits. Zon Teason is the new nutraceutical which is being patented by the NCST.  Northern Caribbean University and other reputable institutions have been researching the benefits of this plant for quite some time.

Economic Growth and New Employment

Zon Teason is the first plant to be patented as a nutraceutical in the United States. So far, this plant has seen success in a lot of countries. Jamaica is still awaiting news on the patent. Once this accreditation comes through, people in Jamaica are expected to be benefited not just medically but also economically. The production of this nutraceutical will employ around 150,000 people. While creating job opportunities for a large number of Jamaicans, it will also give a tremendous and much-needed boost to the economy.  Zon International Holdings will be responsible for launching this product; it is expected to be launched on June 24.

Zon Teason – the New Nutraceutical

Zon Teason has been found to have a lot of benefits which include having both anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. A number of diseases are caused due to chronic inflammation. Finding plant extracts with anti-inflammatory properties is very important to help curb such conditions. The properties of the plant have been so well established that even a country like the United States which has not patented any nutraceutical in the past 50 years has finally given its accreditation. The National Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology (NFDST) is investing in this project along with a number of other institutes.

Many reputable institutions from various countries have been collaborating on this project. The Northern Caribbean University has been working on bringing out the full potential of this new nutraceutical. Professor Errol Morrison who is also the Director General of the National Commission on Science and Technology said that this new innovation will bring in more private investors into this field. As of now, the government and its related departments are funding and aiding in the research and development of this product. Based on the success of this venture, many other private investors might start funding such innovations.


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