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Never Too Late to Switch It Up- Careerwise

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Change is inevitable, and as we experience life, a change in mind-set can also be expected. A change in mind-set should be celebrated. We are actively discovering things about ourselves and about the way how we interact with others. This change covers all aspects of our lives. Let’s zoom in on one aspect, a career path. Specifically, a career tends to be an intrinsic value that we feel connected to. It is possibly the main thing that we mention when someone asks us about ourselves. We typically aim to be on the same career path all our life as that is the norm of the society. So it can seem a bit far-fetched to just drastically change out career paths. Shocking isn’t it? To accomplish all those years of schooling, and then deciding to change. It is not impossible.

Career Paths

We should not fear the act of embracing changes. It should be welcomed. We should never expect to walk the same career path forever. We are beautifully experiencing life, and like a flower, some things in life grows, blooms and then wilts. If a downtrodden feeling is experienced while we are on our paths, change should be an option. It can seem like a whole new journey that we feel unprepared for. Particularly, the knowledge for which we have sacrificed so much time and money for while on our current journey can seem…it is…a bit difficult to just radically start anew on a different path. It is not impossible.

Change it up!

I know of someone who had to take the risk. *Cookie had reached her wits end with the nursing field. Every day was a constant fight to be at work as she had grown incredibly bored of the routine job. It was simply the same duties being repeated over and over and over again. The only difference was the patients. A career which offered excitement and unpredictable days was what was craved. She decided and then a neatly written resignation letter was signed, sealed and delivered. Life is a wonder now.  There is the constant learning of something new every day and she is beautifully experiencing all that the world could offer. Tourism was her calling. The risk was taken, and there is no regret. It is not impossible.

There are also many others all over the world that have decided to take that big step in reforming their lives. There is the need to truly live purposely, and though the fear was there, they still persevered. Regret is not a word they are familiar with, only that they had wish they had done something long before.

In leaving, here is a piece of advice, “Any day that you get up, and you do not feel comfortable with the job you are in anymore, if it feels like you are being burdened, it is time for you to go”.


*Name change to protect identity.


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