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NCB’s Technical Issues on Salary Accounts Resolved

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Customers of National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd (NCB) have been promised by the bank that the issues they may be facing with their salary accounts will stand completely resolved by Monday, May 27. The bank claims they have already sorted out 95% of the accounts and the remaining are being worked on through Sunday by their technical team.

Problems Mostly ‘Technical’ in Nature

The Managing Director of the NCB Group, Patrick Hylton,  has issued a statement. According to him, the bank was confronted with issues ranging from duplicate submissions, to errors in the submitted documents and even some of the documents being incomplete when received. These needed to be resolved before the respective customers’ accounts were credited with the amounts due as salaries. He claimed they have received certain files on May 25 and the bank’s technical team will work through the weekend to ensure that these are also cleared and the issue fully resolved.

Delays in Mandatory Payments

Many customers of NCB have been worried that the delay in the crediting of the salaries in their accounts would mean their defaulting on certain statutory dues like utility bills etc. Some may have loan repayments and credit card repayments too which are time-bound and attract penalties for delayed remittances. The bank has now assured them that due to the delays on the bank’s  end in crediting the salaries, no penalty would be levied or penalty interest collected from the customers this month. This must come as a relief to the banking customers.

Other Related Problems Are Also Being Attended to

NCB has mentioned that the issues are being faced by customers using the bank’s online banking facilities and those using the mobile app. The bank says the technical issues related to these channels are also being addressed by a separate team and it is hoped that the customers can access all the available services online and through mobile soon.

The bank has given two dedicated email IDs for customers to write to if they are impacted in any way. One relates to the delay penalty for utility and loan/credit card repayments due to delayed remittance of salaries; if any customer has received any charges, they can write to [email protected].

The other contact address given is [email protected]. This mail ID is to be used to register complaints on any issues being faced in regard to the online and mobile app services. Customers will have to attach the relevant screenshots to establish the specific issue faced.


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