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Navigating the Registrar General’s Department; Recording Birth, Death, and Marriage in Jamaica

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RGD Jamaica

The Registrar General’s Department (RGD) of Jamaica is responsible for keeping track of births, deaths, marriages and related documents in the country.

Basic Activities Handled by the Registrar General’s Department

A wide range of activities is carried out by the RGD which is an executive agency that holds records for all births, deaths, and marriages in Jamaica. Deaths also include foetal deaths. The RGD is also responsible for keeping track of key information including the type of disease that caused the death, specify the father’s name in child’s record, keep track of registered opticians, trade unions and other organizations among other activities.

Navigating the Registrar General’s Department; Recording Birth, Death, and Marriage in Jamaica

The responsibilities of the RGD are quite vast and very important for the people of Jamaica as they rely on the statistical records as well as the official certificates issued by the department.

Where is the Registrar General’s Office Located?

Apart from the head office, RGD Jamaica has nine offices spread across the island. The department also has a mobile team that visits people living in remote areas from time to time to help those who are unable to reach any of the offices for registration purposes.

The head office is located at 40 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica.

The operational hours are between 7 am to 3 pm and the contact number at the office is +1 876 619 1260.

Registration Procedure: A Step by Step by Guide

Recording Birth and Death

When you have a newborn baby, it is important to register it with RGD Jamaica. In order to get a birth certificate, you should first register using the birth certificate form.

  1. Login to the official RGB website at rgd.gov.jm
  2. Complete the birth registration form provided there.
  3. You can also find the link directly at http://apps.rgd.gov.jm/web/Birth/lay_birthApplication.cfm
  4. Submit the application.
  5. The department requires a nominal fee to be paid.

How is Birth Registration Carried Out?

All new births are directly registered at the hospital. The local District Registrar is responsible for keeping track of this. The Registrar will provide a Birth Entity number. All registrations should be submitted within six weeks after the baby is born. The maximum allowable deadline is one year.

Navigating the Registrar General’s Department; Recording Birth, Death, and Marriage in Jamaica

The details including father’s and mother’s name, baby’s name and registration fee should be paid.

Registering Your Marriage and Getting a Certificate

All marriage certificates are handled and maintained by RGD Jamaica. The wedding ceremony when witnessed and authorized by the Civil Registrar will allow you to get your certificate after the records are updated in the repository of the government agency.

  1. All marriages held in Jamaica will fall under the Marriage Act and Rules.
  2. Visit https://www.rgd.gov.jm/index.php/marriage-officer where you can get all the information and the minimum requirements for marriages in the districts.
  3. Marriages can also be conducted at RGD Jamaica offices with minimal decorations, at an event venue, witnessed by the registrar.
  4. If you are planning to just get your marriage certificate and simplify the entire process, you can choose the venue at the RGD. Just remember to take along all the required documents.
  5. Documents include official birth certificates, proof of occupation, previous divorce certificates if any, and valid ID proof.

How to get Your Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates?

Birth Certificate – Birth certificates are issued for all babies who are duly named and registered in the hospital itself, within three months of registration. However, if the baby is not named, parents have to accept the Certificate of Naming form and submit it within one year. Then, the time taken for getting the Birth certificate will vary based on this process.

Death Certificate – Death certificates are issued when a detailed medical certificate for the cause of death, post mortem report, Certificate of Coroner specified in Form D and Coroner’s Certificate of Finding of Jury specified in Form E are submitted.

Marriage Certificate – Marriage certificates are easier to obtain as marriages in Jamaica are presided over by authorized Civil Registrar or the Marriage Officer depending on the different districts. You can view the official website to know who is authorized for your region so that it is easier to receive the certificate after successfully completing the marriage ceremony. The offices also have venues to help people conduct affordable marriage ceremonies.

Navigating the Registrar General’s Department; Recording Birth, Death, and Marriage in Jamaica

What is the Cost of Registration and Certificate Fee?

The fee will vary based on your requirement but Jamaica has been following a standard procedure since 2014 for all major certificates.

When you request a birth, death or marriage certificate with an entry number and Marriage Officer’s name, the total cost will come to J$1,500 for the first copy. Any additional copies required will be charged an extra J$500.

Similarly, citizens of Jamaica also have the option to search for an entry number and it will cost J$250. All additional services such as late entry of name, adding father’s details, correction of an error, etc. have different fees.

For people who do late entries and corrections, the cost is much higher. It is J$4,500 and is more like a fine to discourage people from delaying their registrations. You can also use express service which allows you to get your marriage, birth or death certificates quickly; within 4 business days. An additional fee of J$2,500 is applicable for those who need the documents quickly.

Latest News and Updates

The Registrar General’s Department in Jamaica is responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure births, deaths, and marriages are duly registered. Apart from children born in hospitals, there are many born in other places.  RGD Jamaica has urged parents to register such births and get it certified.

Navigating the Registrar General’s Department; Recording Birth, Death, and Marriage in Jamaica

They have also been promoting the Registry Wedding ceremony which is affordable for most people who want to complete their wedding ceremony quickly and cheaply apart from getting it registered from the same premises.

Recently, the RGD also took the initiative to distribute certificates that were issued in the past but not collected by the respective parties. All that was needed to be done was to produce a valid ID and collect their birth or wedding certificates among other documents that have been piling up in offices in different districts.


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