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Navigating Jamaica in Style: All We Need to Know About Knutsford Express

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What is Knutsford Express?

Jamaica is a beautiful place and if you are looking forward to moving around from one spot to another within the island, Knutsford Express can be your best option. Be it in terms of affordability or safety and comfort, the service provides everything in one easy to access bundle.

Navigating Jamaica in Style: All We Need to Know about Knutsford Express

Knutsford Express is a luxury coach service which simplifies travel to multiple destinations across Jamaica. An added advantage it provides is the station to station solution which means you can access specific parts of the country; with a central point to meet and move around from if visiting only for a few hours. The spacious and large luxury coach makes it painless for those travelling alone, as a family or travelling with a young one  to move from one destination to another.

Apart from that, a fully customisable Knutsford Connect will allow you to schedule private transfers to any destination within Jamaica. It can also be used to transport tour groups from one city to another with assured comfort.

How to Use Knutsford Express?

Using Knutsford Express is easy as all the information including booking, destination choices and ticket rates are all provided under one roof in its official website. If you are a traveller looking to move around the island of Jamaica or even a local who simply wants to get where you need to go hassle free, just specify the ‘from’ and ‘to’ destination to check for ticket availability.

Navigating Jamaica in Style: All We Need to Know about Knutsford Express

Usually, tickets are readily available for most dates for all locations within the island and you can also choose your most convenient time of departure. Make sure to specify the number of passengers travelling together including adults, kids, senior citizens or even students for special discounts if applicable. A special Senior Coach Card is provided for those above 65 which will help you get special benefits when hiring luxury coach, cabs or additional luggage services.

You can also make use of the courier services offered by the company to send parcels to any of their 10 listed courier destinations across the island. The deliveries are done quickly on a daily basis. It makes it easier for a local company to quickly send items across the island as the coach service ensures it is delivered promptly on all seven days of the week.

Key Information on Knutsford

Before you get onboard or book your tickets, knowing some of the important information related to Knutsford should help ensure your journey goes smoothly. For starters, the actual journey from one end to the other end of the Jamaican island is about 4 hours (Kingston to Negril). However, to reach Ocho Rios, it takes only about 2 hours of time.

Navigating Jamaica in Style: All We Need to Know about Knutsford Express

The luxury coach goes from one office point to another in each spot and you can either make use of cab services offered by Knutsford or hire your own to get to your next point. All passengers are allowed luggage that weighs 50 pounds or less along with a ‘carry-on’. The service is offered on all days except for Christmas day every year.

When using Knutsford as part of your travel plans, you can also book for events happening in specific places. The advantage is that you can book tickets for both to and fro so as to cover the event. The drop-off and pick up locations are prominently placed across the cities that a local cab should easily get you to the location. Check for updated charts as there are events that take place all over to choose your most desired point and make your visit a fun-filled one.

  • Tickets purchased are valid for a period of six months so that you can travel on another bus if you miss the one originally scheduled
  • Payment can be done using credit cards
  • There are no drop off stops for the coach except for the office locations at each point
  • Fare listed is only for one way trip and you can book return tickets if needed

Recent News, Activity, and Accomplishments of the Service

Knutsford Express has received positive reviews on popular travel websites. The company is also known for providing clean coaches with Wi-Fi and restroom onboard for a comfortable journey. The most prominent spots in Jamaica including Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, and Kingston are all covered by Knutsford Express while you can also avail customised services with Knutsford Connect.

Navigating Jamaica in Style: All We Need to Know about Knutsford Express

The company has recently received multiple awards and accolades. Oliver Townsend, the visionary of the service has been nominated as Business Leader #2. The newly improved app also makes it easier for passengers to book the coach from any destination and reach another in assured comfort.

Conclusion: Pros & Cons of Knutsford, Alternative Choices Available

Overall, Knutsford Express has managed to receive some amazing reviews from passengers who have used the service. The company has been quite punctual in their pickup and drop; they have affordable ticket prices and also additional courier services to send items whenever needed.


  • The quality of the luxury coach
  • Clean and spacious interiors
  • Additional benefits such as restroom and Wi-Fi makes the journey comfortable


  • Seating is not the most comfortable for people who come late to board the coach
  • At times, there is a delay in the bus reaching its destination due to multiple drop-off points

Alternatives Available

Being a popular tourist destination and with people bustling with activity all the time, there are plenty of luxury coach services that make your life easier when travelling around Jamaica. While Knutsford Express is a popular service in itself, there are other services that you could check out when booking your next trip.

The popular service providers in the beautiful island are,

  • Marvyn’s Paradise Tours
  • Kingston City Tours
  • Best Jamaica Day Tours
  • Mike’s Tours and Transportation
  • Grandtran Jamaica

If you are planning to travel or like to move around the city like a local, there are plenty of other services available as well, from which you can choose your best pick. Knutsford Express easily comes out as the top one because of the professional services offered by the service provider. In addition to reliable coaches with convenient facilities and the overall great experience they offer for those who are trying to see select locations in Jamaica.


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