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Nation’s Defence Forces Lauded for Their Contribution

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The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) has been commended by the Minister for National Security, Dr. Horace Chang, for its contribution to the defence of the nation as well as in peacekeeping efforts internally. The Minister commended the JDF while dedicating the first phase of the residential quarters project for 264 members of the JDF. These quarters which have come up at a cost of $708 million was inaugurated by the Minister on Tuesday. Named Burke Barracks, these residences are located in Providence, St. James.

JDF Played A Role in Implementation of SoE

The Minister said there has been relative peace in the three parishes of St. James, Hanover, and Westmoreland since the most recent State of Emergency was declared. He stated that along with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the JDF has also played a key role in containing the violence. The number of murders reported from these parishes has decreased drastically confirming that the SoE is working. He felt the level of dedication and professionalism found among the men and women in JDF has been outstanding.

JDF Capable of Defending the Nation

The Minister for National Security utilised the occasion to assure the nation that the Jamaica Defence Force possessed the capability to defend the country from all inimical forces, both externally and internally. He said the Jamaican government has ensured that despite the general austerity measures adopted by the administration due to paucity of funds, the requirements of the defence establishment are being fully met. He referred to the residential barracks being built. The complete project is estimated to cost $1.6 billion, of which he has launched the first phase. The second phase will incur a cost of $896 million.

Another reference the Minister made was to the way the borders are being secured by the JDF Coast Guard. Thanks to the control of the coastline by the JDF, crimes like human trafficking and drug running are down. They are doing a fine job, according to Dr. Chang. The Jamaica Constabulary Force too came in for praise from the Minister during his address. He said that the crime control efforts are yielding the desired results and the men and women of the Constabulary are doing their best under difficult circumstances.


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