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National Housing Trust: How to apply, benefit and receive contribution refunds

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The National Housing Trust is a government establishment that is responsible for ensuring housing and related financial needs for the people of Jamaica.. It also has the responsibility of generating funds for use by the housing construction sector. It is guided and monitored by the National Housing Trust Act which was established back in 1979. The funds come from deductions from the salaried as well as the self-employed and are referred to as the collections.

Where is the National Housing Trust in Jamaica?

The National Housing Trust head office is located at 4 Park Boulevard, Kingston 5.

If you are planning to opt for a personal visit to apply for your NHT contribution refund, you can do so by visiting the office which opens at 7:30 am. NHT branch offices are also located across the island and can be accessed easily. An alternative would be to apply online and save yourself a trip. The different branch offices can be conveniently be found on the official website nth.gov.in/contact-us.

The contact number is – 1-888-225-5648.

Different Ways of Applying for NHT Contribution Refund

Make a Personal Appointment

The first step is to choose the NHT office that is closest. Once you have identified the most convenient office, you can visit in person to start the application process.

Before applying, these are the important documents and details to keep handy:

  • NHT official reference number
  • Tax registration number
  • Your Passport, Driver’s Licence or National ID
  • Name of your employer and your mother’s maiden name
  • Your postal address
  • Preferred method of payment and bank account details

The process is similar to how it is handled for online applications. Once you provide all the available information, your application will be accepted and filed. You will also receive an acknowledgment and there is usually a waiting period that can go up to 10 days.

The official website provides a link where you can check the status of your application and the NHT agency will also notify you via text message once the application is processed.

The approved sum can be received through your bank account for which most banks charge a fee of $300. If you like to keep the payment to a minimum, you can opt for Victoria Mutual Remittance Services, which charges a fee of only $160. The payment method should be specified when you submit your application in person.

Apply for the NHT Contribution Refund Online

Most Jamaicans would find it easier to apply online at the NHT website.

National Housing Trust: How to apply, benefit and receive contribution refunds

When applying, start by:

  • Heading to the official web page https://www.nht.gov.jm/contribution-refunds
  • The page is dedicated to providing you the application form and also allows you to monitor the status of your application
  • Find the column that says New Application and click on Apply Now
  • The documents and details remain the same as specified in the personal application procedure
  • Go through instructions and provide details as required
  • Print your acknowledgment copy and wait up to 10 days to receive a text notification from NHT
  • The approved sum will be remitted to your bank or Remittance Services based on what you have specified in your application form

What are the Benefits of the NHT Contribution Refund?

When employees contribute a specific percentage of their income to the government agency, they gain long-term benefits. The most important of these benefits is the housing benefits that you can avail. You are eligible for loans that make it easier to build or buy a new home and later repair or renovate the existing house.

National Housing Trust: How to apply, benefit and receive contribution refunds

The payments made to the trust will be accrued over the years and when you are applying for reimbursement, if you are eligible, you will receive your NHT contribution refund as well as the interest that is applicable. It will help most employees who want to start off a new life and need considerable cash to settle down.

In order to make use of the benefits of NHT, it is mandatory to make payments as stipulated by the government and not doing so will result in opportunity losses. You will not be able to apply for a refund or get loans which will be difficult to manage especially when you require the sum to buy a home or for other purposes.

Eligibility of Employees to Pay Contributions

A long list of employers enable employees to make contributions to the NHT and the employees are expected to make these contributions. The official website states that employers are also responsible for making a part of the payment and that the total contribution should be 5% according to the NHT Act.

Out of the 5%, 2% will be contributed by the employee while 3% would be paid by the employer. The sum will accrue through the period employees are with the company. The kinds of jobs include:

  • Employees under contract, a citizen of Jamaica, people working under a contract of service supported by their spouse, Jamaican Defence Force employees, and most other employees are eligible to make their contributions.
  • Self-employed individuals are expected to contribute 3% of their income while specific categories will contribute only 2% of their income.

For further details on different job positions, business ownership, etc. you can visit the official National Housing Trust website.

Major Types of Refunds Offered by National Housing Trust

National Housing Trust: How to apply, benefit and receive contribution refunds

The two major types of refunds offered by the NHT are:

  • Regular Contribution Refunds
  • Special Contribution

Regular Contribution Refund Eligibility

  • The Regular Contribution refund is available for anyone who has paid their contributions for 7 years without a break in payment. They can apply for a refund in the 8th year.
  • The refund application must be submitted within the 12-month period in order to get it approved.

Documents Needed

The important documents required to apply for this are TRN and NIS. The agency will require additional details such as:

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Contact information
  • Banking information to receive the fund

The applicant should have all the documents as well as have all the details of the companies that they might have worked with in the period. The agency also requires accurate information of the employer who made the contribution.

Things to Note

  • The information provided to the agency should be accurate because the refund amount will be paid only to the name of the contributor.
  • Make sure the name is correct on all your documents. If there are any changes, you should consider changing your ID proof accordingly.
  • Check your pay-slip to make sure the name of the company is specified correctly in the application form.
  • The official registered name of the company should match with the records so that you can get the refunds without any delay or other obstacles.
  • Contact details such as phone number and e-mail ID should be accurate as they might need to get in touch with you for any clarification.
  • A fee will be levied for a refund by the bank.

Special Contributions Refund

Special Contributions as the name suggest is applicable for select people who cannot avail of the refund through conventional methods.

It includes:

  • People who have reached their retirement age
  • Authorised agents of those who are deceased and have a pending refund
  • Disabled pensioners who cannot work further
  • Residents of Jamaica who have worked in the country and are leaving to their home country

There are some minor changes in applying for NHT contribution refund through the special contributions scheme as the agency requires individuals to submit their original documents. They will be returned to the respective owners once the credentials are verified.


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