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Music Video: “Kingman Ting” with Ras-I

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“With “Kingman Ting”…, we have been developing a new sound that is like a melting pot for music born out of good vibes, blending sounds from the music we studied at the Edna Manley College and (in these COVID times) produced from our living rooms. At the heart of it is reggae music, but we continue to experiment musically to see what emerges during this creative period when we are away from the physical stage.” – Keneil Delisser of Koastal Kings (for the Jamaica Gleaner)



I was able to speak with Ras-I about the release of his new video for “Kingman Ting”. (The video has been included below for your viewing pleasure.)


Can you explain the concept behind “Kingman Ting”?

“The concept behind “Kingman Ting” is to bring a more refreshing, more upbeat type of vibe. It’s still message music. Normally, the message music from us would come from slower riddims and so – but now, we have some dancehall, afroswing, you have some latin guitars playing in there, as well as the horns that give it that feel of royalty; so it’s still message music same way. Talking about living like His Majesty who is the example of how we should live, in love and with responsibility for ourselves and others – the youths in particular. That is the concept; message music of living like the King, but still music for you to dance to.”


How do you keep yourself grounded?

“I keep myself grounded by just knowing that there is always more to be done, and this whole thing is a process and a journey. When you look at where others have reached, you know you have a lot more work to do; so there’s times for you to enjoy it, and then you have di time when you haffi put your shoulder to the wheel.”


What has the feedback been like so far since releasing the song last month?

“The feedback has been tremendous. The song has been played every day at least two, three, four times a day on the radio (local and overseas). It’s being picked up overseas even more now, not to mention the video is gonna draw a lot more attention so, it’s great so far.”


Congratulations on releasing your album last yearIs “Kingman Ting” leading up to another release?

“Yeah, last year I did my debut album, Tsojourna, so “Kingman Ting” is definitely a part of my next album – with a lot more to come in store.”



Who would you like to credit for the production of both the song and video?

“Production of the song is by Ras-I Musique and Koastal Kings (Keneil Delisser and Shamir Walker). For the video, big up LatyKim (she’s the director); Cesar Buelto (he shot the video); editing by Maya Wilkinson; big up Niche Entertainment Group, my management, for helping to keep the structure together throughout this whole process with the product. We give thanks.”


Please feel free to contact Ras-I and access his work at:





Purchase Link for “Kingman Ting” on Various Platforms


Blessings in abundance!



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