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Music: “Sine Energy EP” by Wavy Jones

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“A sine wave sounds like it looks: smooth and clean. It is sound at its most basic. The sound of a sine wave is only made up of one thing, something known as the fundamental. No partials to be seen! Try whistling one note or imagine the sound of a tuning fork. Those are both approximations of what sine waves sound like, though real-life sine waves are rare.”Perfectcircuit.com

I’ve been a fan of Dwayne “Wavy Jones” Reynolds for some time, especially having come across some of his earlier works. These would include “Still On The Grind” with Yanah, “Never” with GyalKapone, and “Ketch Di Pree” with Blvk H3ro, Jeeby Lyricist and Kione Zaire. Therefore, it is now a pleasure to recommend to you his newest release – a 6-track EP with some of Jamaica’s very own talented acts, called “Sine Energy”.

The first song of note for me is “Good Morning” featuring Leno Banton. He sings: “Affirmation, I feel amazing/ Shining bright, yeah I got my rays on/ Life is a sweet treat like a raisin/ Today is my canvas, I am the crayon/ Bad artiste so you know mi nah miss/ Mi see the colours of the wind with Pocahontas/ Nobody better than me, I’m just being honest/ The world a mi oyster, step into my office”. This is definitely the track to get you started as you make your way to work on a Monday morning. It puts you in the mood to conquer all your obstacles, and greet all your fears with a smile.

“Propa Ting” featuring Ramia and Dxcape is also of importance to note. The hook goes: “You have di vim, vigor vitality fi ride pon riddim/ Rub a dub style or vibes wid shocking/ Dilly pon bike back, wheel burn to rims.” If you ever needed a track to sweep a lady off her feet, I would recommend this one. Particularly, the level of songwriting stands out to me as being exceptional and catchy, and you’ll want to restart the track immediately as it sets such a smooth vibe.

A favourite of mine is “Call Me” featuring Blvk H3ro and Mila.Akilah. Both are passionate and powerful artistes in their own right, and to have them in collaboration is a blessing I never knew I needed. They complement each other very well. We all know the feeling of needing; wanting to spend time with that special person. The track also shares the same instrumental as the aforementioned “Ketch Di Pree”, and since one follows the other it’s as if there’s an uninterrupted smooth flow of energy between both songs.

Overall, the project features Leno Banton, Blvk H3ro, Jeeby Lyricist, Kione Zaire, ShawnJSmith, Ramia, Dxcape, and Mila.Akilah. The EP was tracked and mixed by Jay Edge at J.A.W Records, mastered by Alex Psaroudakis and released in collaboration with InGoodCompany. The artwork was done by Russell Meghoo. Wavy Jones serves as the executive producer.

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Blessings in abundance!


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