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Music: “Rising” E.P. by Jerone

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“Jerone is a promising young artist hailing from the Waterhouse community in Jamaica’s capital Kingston, a city that bursts with rhythm, melodies, and vibes, and is internationally known as the birth place of Reggae music. 

Naturally he started his personal musical journey in church, where his exceptional talent was quickly discovered as he began singing and playing instruments at an early age. After leaving high school he shared his self-taught skills and experiences with students at St. Patrick’s Primary School and led them to various competitions, winning medals and awards. 

In 2017 Jerone entered the prestigious Jamaican talent competition Digicel Rising Stars in which he placed in the top 10 earning much recognition and praises from both the judges and the audience. 

Now the singer is pursuing his artistic career, working with international producers like the German record label Real People Music on an upcoming full-length record, moreover seeking to inspire and spread love globally.”Reggaeville

Jerone’s music has always struck a chord with the masses, and his latest body of work, Rising, is no exception. The five tracks can be enjoyed on streaming sites, and have been included for your listening pleasure.

The first track, “The Search Is Over”, features Evie of local roots reggae dub poetry band, The No-Maddz. This track encourages us to find ourselves by knowing our roots and digging into our history. The catchy phrase, “Seh dem a lead, but dem nah read/ A couldn’t me blind wah lead” underscores the potency of the subject matter – we must all read and take heed to show ourselves approved.

“Give Me A Minute”, a reggae ballad written to captivate the heart and mind of that special lady, follows next. Every man knows the struggle of finding the right words to say; the proper moves to make. The moral of the story here: whether you hit or miss, it always pays to shoot your shot.

“Keep You Safe” takes on a more roots reggae vibe. “Stay with me, baby/ I will keep you safe” is the refrain sung as Jerone reinforces his love. Every couple who has been together for a while can attest to the importance of needing to reaffirm their love for each other on a regular basis – this is a vital ingredient to making sure that feelings and needs and properly communicated and effectively received. It is how we feel safe in love. The music video for this track provides an especially intimate feel, with recording artist Zhayna France playing the role of the Caribbean leading lady.

“Kool It Down” is sure to have you moving. With bright horn lines, a rocking melody and an amazing storyline, Jerone tells the story of a ‘catty’ he met in the dance. The gentle ease of the song will make you forget your issues and groove to the bassline that makes reggae so infectious; one also can’t ignore Jerone’s skillful use of falsetto vocals and the accompanying harmonies that bring the project together.

“Brother’s Keeper” is the meditative last track that will have you considering how you treat other people. As Jerone sings about taking care of your neighbour as yourself, the excellent music video that accompanies the track shows scenes of schoolchildren bullying in other in typical fashion (as some of us would be used to). This track is a lesson in itself; a reminder that we all need each other to live in this world. On this note, you would have finished listening to a masterful production that will definitely have a long shelf life.

Production credits include Deondra Riley (supporting vocals), Joel “Bangy” Anderson (piano), Frank “Polle” Pollack (organ), Florian “The Great Stahl” Münzer (guitar), Claudio Jolowicz, Mathieu Pe and Jörg Nu (horns), Errol “Flabba Holt (bass), Malx Malcolm (Percussion), Alex “Drummie” Domhoever (drums), Axel Steinbiss (synth), Klaus “The Operator” Overmeire, Alberto “Alborosie” D’Ascola, Claudio Jolowicz, Frank “Polle” Pollack and Spugy B aka Black Jesaz (recording engineers), Rogier Grosman, Greg Morris and Philipp “Umber to Echo” Winter (mixing engineers), Philipp “Umber to Echo” Winter (mastering engineer), Oneness Records and Alex “Drummie” Domhoever (producer) for Real People Music.


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