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Music: Pag3y, “5 Years Later”

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“Pag3y is a registered Bmi writer and recording artiste from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. His professional music career started right around the year 2015 when he released his “I AM” album. Five years later he is about to drop an album that he says captures many experiences we all go through. Pag3y has collaborated with Ratigan, Major Label Records, Dan Gio, and Bebble Rock Productions.”Bandcamp.com

Pag3y’s music first came to my attention with the release of “Halfway Tree” earlier this year. It was the first track I had really heard from him, and it made me anticipate his upcoming releases. He is an artiste who definitely has a grasp on his style and musicality, and his place in the industry is already assured.

In detailing his journey with Mystique Entertainment Magazine, Pag3y states: “At an early age I started exercising my musical talent by singing songs done by the great reggae and dancehall artistes, like Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Bounty Killer, Beenie man, Supercat, Sizzla, and many more, while doing chores or just by being alone because I am an only child. My first attempt at committing lyrics to paper was at the age of 12, and by 16 I was already recording and producing my own records.

While attending Munro College, where I completed my high school studies, I balanced school and the groundwork of a solo career by recording music in and around local studios whenever I got the chance. This way I could keep my dream of being a professional artiste alive.

My main desire is to help spread love, fight social injustice and aid in enlightening those who do not have enough knowledge to better themselves, by way of music. That way everyone can get a taste of what freedom really is”

My favourite songs on the collection are “Flower of Life”, “Always There” featuring Kxng Izem, “Faith” featuring Ratigan, “Power in You” featuring Dreadlox Holmes, “Procreation”, “Fiwi Ting” and “Up Right Now”. The album encompasses spirituality, streetwise knowledge and the right amount of tenderness to swoon any lady over.

Important to note are the musical influences involved in the making of this project. Pag3y doesn’t stick to the typical reggae and dancehall forms, but also incorporates Hip Hop, EDM, and acoustic guitar-influenced patterns complete with rich drums and basslines. This is a great collection to visit when looking at the work he has managed to curate over the past five years.

This is how Pag3y describes his newest release: “This album comes as my second officially released project. The body of work is a compilation of songs put together within the last five years of my career that highlights the many experiences that helped to mold my character to be the person I am today. It features me experimenting with different sounds that will hopefully appeal to every music lover and be accepted as a solid contribution of art from my generation.”

Feel free to contact Pag3y and access the album at:









Blessings in abundance!



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