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Music: “Overcome” EP by Oshane Mais

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“Strongholds are lifting

Chains are breaking

 The sick receive healing ‘cause He is alive

And the dead resurrected

 The blind man will see again

And we will overcome by the blood of the lamb

 And the word of our testimony” – Oshane Mais, “Overcome”



I have to be honest with you – I consider myself a believer in Jesus Christ and the assumption/truth/story that he came and died for our sins. I would be lying to my readers if I ever denied this part of myself. However, liking the Church and what it produces is another matter entirely, and I’m not a huge fan in that regard. History, and even modern experiences by myself and others have shown that most of what we call “Christian” today just isn’t that relatable or biblical. Therefore, I find myself not so much interested by a lot of Christian/ Gospel music.

This, surprisingly, isn’t the case for me with “Overcome”, the latest release by vocalist and praise leader Oshane Mais.

This EP, premiered track by track on YouTube over the last two months, seems to flow from a genuine connection, a real force of truth and personal conviction. The songs don’t feel as if I have to lift my hands and cry in tongues to enjoy them; rather, I feel like I can have the collection on repeat during a road trip, or even while doing studies. It’s perfect for reminiscing on your life, and analyzing how far one has come and how much God has taken one through.

The six songs that you hear are refreshing, in my opinion; they each tell a story, and are accompanied by professional Jamaican musicians and vocalists, many of whom have established themselves in the gospel circuit as renowned ministers in their own right. Usually, I can pinpoint a favourite track, but I would actually encourage you to hear everything. The result is that each song takes on a unique life of its own and can be appreciated as such.

There is variety, from the up-tempo dance number “Alive (Give Him Thanks)” and the meditative “Temple” to the worship-themed anthem “You Reign” and the praise-breaking “Hymns and Spiritual Songs (Chorus) Medley”.

Musicians involved in the project are Joel Grant and Kamar Forrest (drums), Chadwick Morgan, Damion Campbell and Carlton Jarrett (bass), Levoy Paul, Kahlid Lawrence and Christopher Campbell (guitar), and Jay-Vis McIntosh, Kevin Sterling, Odane Mais and Eljay Reid (keyboards). Supporting vocals were provided by Jaycynth Campbell, Carl Lee Scharschmidt, Ruth Mason, Geneva Ayre, Jovane Blagrove, Daniel Dundas, Oshane Mais, Toni-Ann Reid, Victoria Taffe, Samantha Thompson, Victor Brown, Alicia Taylor, Jhenelle Grant, Danielle Grant, and Shadelle Hill-Lawrence. Pioneer Music is responsible for production, while mixing and mastering duties were done by Dwain ‘Wiya’ Campbell-Fletcher. The cover photo was taken by TekMiPikCha Photography, and the album artwork was done by Judah Vision Media. Oshane Mais and Bettina Wilson are listed for songwriting credits.

Please feel free to contact Oshane and access his music at:



Purchase Link for Various Platforms

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (876) 575-1329 (Manager)


Blessings in abundance!



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