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Music: “New Millennium” by Blvk H3ro X Wayne J

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“New Millennium (EP) is described as a ‘modern take’ on dancehall music. Beneath the surface, it tells the story of Blvk H3ro x Wayne J’s journey within the music industry. It is a seven track masterpiece outlining various themes. “Original” retroactively kicks off the story, going back to H3ro and Wayne J’s childhood where they are attending an old-school stage show that eventually influences all of the music they create now. This is how Blvk H3ro and Wayne J pay homage to the genre, before introducing their take on it. This is followed by “Young Boss”, which represents the ‘come up’, and is a pseudo flash-forward look at where the artists are now in their careers. “Ghetto Queen” is a celebration of the women the artists grew up around. “#TopTeam” speaks directly to the ‘no man is an island’ theory with H3ro x Wayne J celebrating their ‘squad’, whom they have been working with since their musical journey began. In usual fashion, it would be remiss to leave out the ‘Most High’. “The Ruler” and “Prayer” are the spiritual and meditative additions to the storyline. Finally, the climatic ending of the project comes in the form of “Young Boss (Remix)”, the collaboration with rapidly rising dancehall star Skillibeng.”- Description Brief (YouTube)


Arguably one of the best releases for this year, “New Millennium” is a must if you want to hear what the modern trailblazers of music are doing right now. I had known of Blvk H3ro through previous singles such as “H3rb”, “Feet Don’t Fail” and “Mama”. Wayne J had come to notice with his hit song “Chikungunya (One Panadol)” during the outbreak of the aforementioned mosquito-borne illness in the Caribbean region in 2014. Being able to watch both acts grow, it is now a pleasure to have this current project as a testimony to their work and effort. Each track is tailor-made to show musical prowess, skill and determination.

My favourite picks from the album are “Young Boss” (the original and the remix), “Original”, “Ghetto Queen” and “Prayer”. The songs are all upbeat and fresh, and this is a project you can definitely put on repeat. Wayne J takes majority of the deejaying duties, while Blvk H3ro’s singing vocals provide the melodies needed for this perfect collaboration.

In honesty, one can learn from this project in terms of how to do a major release. The promotion leading up to the launch was effective and successful, with genuine and authentic social media interaction and use of traditional and digital media to warm up the fans and potential listeners. It’s more than a musical release – this is a heart project that we can all feel a connection to.

Credits for the album include production by Top Team, Bob Riddim and KraiggiBadArt, with Blvk H3ro as executive producer. Associations also include Greatest Records, Delicious Vinyl Island LLC, Empire, Millrock Publishing (BMI), Dennis Victor Hamilton (BMI), and Charles Doran (ASCAP). The animation that can be seen is done by EllenAnimates, with creative direction by Dewey Saunders.

Please feel free to contact Blvk H3ro X Wayne J and access their work at:

Instagram (Blvk H3ro)

Instagram (Wayne J)



“New Millennium” Purchase Links for Various Platforms


Blessings in abundance!



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