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Music Label: 3Keyz Records

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Rasheena Bartley, Andrae Harding and Rodeck Young are the “3 Keyz” that form 3Keyz Records. They have been making a mark in the music industry locally, producing the “Ziplock Riddim” which features artistes like Gage and Hydal. Andrae deals with the business aspects of the label, while Rodeck and Rasheena are on duty as the producers and musicians that make the beats and lyrics come to life. They aim to carve out an audience that can appreciate solid Jamaican music, and after hearing a couple of tunes that they’ve released, I do have to confess that I’m a fan silently cheering for their growth and wishing them success.

The first track I heard from the label was “When It O Change” by Zagga, an engaging piece that deals with the harsh realities of daily life. The first few lines really stood out to me (“Live everyday like me last day yah/ If me rich a mawning, mi seh mi nah stay yah, cause/ Wi tyad a dem raas pay yah/ Tyad fi carry wata inna straina”). The song highlights faith, hope, and perseverance in aiming for a better means of existence that, though seemingly out of reach, can definitely be achieved if one decides to push hard enough for what they want.


“Pretty Ganja” by Hydal is another breakthrough production that the label has to offer. One for the herbalists, Hydal present witty lyricism with a catching melody so you can understand the etiquette and procedures associated with the lifestyle. He sings in the chorus, “Who beg nah get, who nuh beg nuh waan/ Mi nuh love share fimmi pretty ganja/ Tek it and mi crush it and mi puff it wid grabba/ Pretty ziplock yah fi mi thousand dolla”. He mentions “circling” the shop to get bread, ensuring that he is well fed (we know how the munchies go). Below, we can even see art being promulgated with a catchy dance routine to the song by Silk The Alien Brain. This track is surely one for the books.

What I especially like about the label is their willingness to interact with their fans and reward them for their support. For example, they recently hosted the “World Crisis Riddim Freestyle Challenge”, which saw the first place winner receiving a cash prize and the second place winner getting the chance to record on a free instrumental. This will work wonders for any business as it relates to building the philanthropic interests of a company, building more interactions with  your social media audience, and most importantly, seeking out new and fresh talent that can help to carry both the label and the artiste forward. In this way, we see music giving back to society, and this can be applauded even more so when one considers the fact that having online activity has become the new “normal” almost overnight. Here’s an example:

Please feel free to check them out on their Instagram page, and stay tuned for more big projects that they have planned for the rest of 2020 and beyond. As their page states, there are “3 Keyz to success – determination, passion, and “smart-work”.

(Click here for “3Keyz Records” Instagram page)

Blessings in abundance!


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