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Motivational Quotes in Dancehall Music

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  1. “The amount a struggles weh me face
    Man haffi give thanks
    Inna real life (inna real life)
    A pray man a pray and a gwaan
    Hold the faith inna real life, (inna real life)
    The amount a struggles weh me face
    Man haffi give thanks
    Inna real life (inna real life)
    Nuff use to say me nah reach nuh weh
    But man still deh yah a survive”
    – Vershon, “Inna Real Life”
  2. Mi pray everytime mi fail, cya do no different
    Swear mi affi win, dats why mi try again
    Pray everytime mi fail, caz God always a listen
    One day I have to win, dats why mi try again
    – Jada Kingdom, “Win”
  3. “We not going under
    All ghetto youth get your money longer
    Ready, bruk pocket nah work
    Straight ‘pon the narrow nah mek no wrong turn
    Get the Chedda, money maker, any weather”
    – Vybz Kartel, “Any Weather”
  4. “Baby, when the bright lights start to fade, fire up yuh lighter
    Float on with the waves
    You make me feel li-li-lighter
    You make me feel li-li-li-lighter
    You make me feel”
    – Tarrus Riley ft. Shenseea, Rvssian – “Lighter”
  5. “Mi life soon sort out
    So me no worry
    Mmm, my life soon happy
    No matter wha’ dem talk ’bout, no move crabby
    Mmm, no watch no badmind, nobody
    Mama tell me say, “Son, go hold a medz
    No make nobody trick you and come fool up your head”
    ‘Cause life soon sort out
    So me no worry
    Mmm, my life soon happy”
    – G Whizz, “Life”
  6. “6 million, million times
    An 100 hundred million
    Light year vision
    I care zero bout ah whisper
    From before Corona mi ah social distance
    Pree mi visual”
    – Skillibeng, “Mr. Universe”
  7. “Blessings all pon mi life and
    Me thank God for di journey, di earnings a jus fi di plus
    Gratitude is a must, yeah
    Me see blessings fall by mi right hand
    Buss a toast fi di friends weh tek off heavy load
    One time did sit down inna class and we bored
    Den Oli say do road and mi gwan wid di road”
    – Koffee, “Toast”
  8. “It’s times like these
    I’m missing our heroes
    Times like these I really wish they were around
    Shouldn’t have to be like this
    Marcus Garvey
    We know that you tried your best, but we’ll to the rest”
    – Queen Ifrica, “Times Like These”
  9. “Me know dem can’t stop me with powder obeah
    Inna me head no boy can’t put hole inna
    Poison food from dem don’t tek no dinner, protect ‘Donia
    Watch over me nuh Jehovah
    Watch over me nuh Jehovah”
    – Aidonia, “Jehovah”
  10. “Impossible, that anuh nothing to mi
    Can be anything yuh want yute, go fi yuh dreams
    Every ghetto yute mi say hustle di cream
    Ghetto girl member say yuh born as ah queen
    Impossible, that anuh nothing to mi
    Pon every time dem lock di door, Jah Jah cut mi ah key
    Let go ghetto yutes ’cause ah up wi ah pree
    Impossible, that anuh nothing to mi
    That anuh nothing to mi”
    – Govana, “Impossible”


I’m sure you know many more Jamaican songs that can encourage you and lift your soul. Just remember to keep your focus; everything is working out for your good once you give your best.

Blessings in abundance!


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