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Montego Bay Theft; FLA to Investigate the Measures to Keep Firearms Safe

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Firearms licence holders are required under the law to keep their firearms securely locked up. The Firearm Licencing Authority (FLA) will now investigate if the security company where firearms and ammunition were stolen from last week had taken those precautions. Negligence in storage or safe-keeping of firearms is a serious offence as it could pose a serious threat to the life and safety of citizens if it falls into the wrong hands.

One Round of Inspection Held but Not Many Details Available

The FLA appears to have made an inspection of the premises in Montego Bay, St. James. However, the CEO of FLA, Shane Dalling, has not shared much with the media on what they have found. It is, however, clear that there are norms to be followed and it is not clear as of now whether this firm had followed these or not. For the record, the items stolen last Friday-Saturday, include fifteen 0.38 revolvers, four shotguns and assorted ammunition, the quantity of which has not been specified. In addition, the thieves managed to steal a few motorcycles and computers. They went a step further and removed the device that recorded the CCTV footage to prevent the police from identifying them.

The firm’s director has reportedly claimed that he had locked the office securely but the locks had been broken open by the criminals. The FLA’s investigations will focus on how these arms were kept in the office of the security firm and what other steps they had taken to secure them from being stolen.

The FLA’s CEO was emphatic that they take the theft of the firearms quite seriously and any action warranted, including the cancellation of the firearms licences will be initiated.

Arms Licence Terms Quite Strict

According to the terms under which the firearms licences are issued, if a person loses even one firearm, he or she may face a situation of losing the licences for the remaining firearms in their possession as well. FLA has refuted the reports that the Montego Bay company in question was holding a licence that had already expired. The FLA claims that the company is holding a valid licence.


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