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Money Matters: Janoi Doyley, Financial Advisor

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I’ve been getting into the habit of trying to plan financially. So far, I’ve been fielding questions with Janoi Doyley, a financial planner that I’ve come to know through our time in high school. I’m blessed to be able to share his wisdom.


What kind of financial services do you offer?

“I offer confidential and customized financial solutions for persons from all walks of life. This in the form of: retirement planning, investments and savings, life & disability insurance, educational planning and estate planning, just to name a few. This is done through the use of the diverse product offerings available at Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited.”


How can Jamaicans plan ahead (regarding savings and investments) for the next two – five years?

“Jamaicans are very innovative and creative people. We find very interesting ways to do just about everything, and saving and investing is not excluded from this. They can, however, adopt the saving and investment method utilized in the book “The Richest Man In Babylon” as a proven method to accumulate wealth. This is to set aside no less than ten percent of their income for long term investments. The key to this is actually setting aside this portion before actually receiving their wages/ income. They can speak to a financial advisor on the various methods through which this can be done.”


Do you find that there is enough economic intelligence in our society?

“Definitely! There is actually too much intelligence at this point in time, whereby persons have become so advanced that the simplicity of life counts for nothing. If we should study the habits and attitudes of the affluent and wealthy towards money, then we would truly understand why they are prominent in the areas of: money management, wealth creation and wealth accumulation.”


How would you advise someone to use their CARE Compassionate grant from the government?

 “Focus on the essentials. Distinguish between needs and wants. The grant was intended as a temporary relief to assist with providing the basics to survival; and whilst the money is not a lot, having an attitude of gratitude is a blessing in itself. ”


How is the current recession affecting our daily expenditure?

“The current state of affairs is unique, as the world actually came to a standstill. But our lives, our bills, and all our financial obligations remain in motion. Income has been lost, savings are drying up, remittances fell and cost of living continues in its only direction so majority of persons are actually operating at a deficit. Hence, at this point their financial affairs are not adding up. ”



Career Summary:

“I entered the workforce in 2014 and was with HEART Trust/NTA, until tendering my resignation in September, 2019 to dedicate my energies to the field of financial sales at Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited. The experience at Sagicor as a financial advisor has been a very interesting and uplifting one. I have met with persons from all walks of life to discuss their life goals and their motivation to excel in life. I have invested countless hours to ensure that my career in sales is an impactful one. It has been of great joy to be able to be of value to the mechanic in the same way as the scientist through providing sound financial advice.”


Please feel free to contact Janoi Doyley at:

Instagram (click here)

Facebook (click here)

Blessings in abundance!



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Dope bro. Keep up the great work!