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Monday Motivation: Queen Tings with Joby Jay

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“She currently does commercial and fine art photography. Joby enjoys taking pictures for her Instagram as well. She knows that she will eventually have to cut back on the amount of work she takes on but will continue doing it, whether for work or pleasure. Joby Jay doesn’t have regular days; hers are full of spontaneity and mystery. When taking a break from the hustle and bustle, Jo prefers to spend time with close friends on a river or beach; some alone time listening to music, journaling and listening to her thoughts.  When asked what she would change about where she’s from, the Ocho Rios native told us — nothing.”Amberation.com

The many facets that Joby Jay applies herself to can be seen in her reach and influence. Firstly, I would recommend that you watch her Jam with Joby Jay” YouTube series. The sessions were refreshingly effective as she crooned and belted note after note, from original tunes to covers of hit songs.



The second effort I would recommend is her “Big Girl Ting” IG Live series, which focuses on many important issues that are relevant and pressing in today’s society. Her live stream with artiste Rosh Rebel is of particular mention; they dealt with how to cope with grief and loss, and I was able to understand to a greater extent how different people battle with their struggles. I’m grateful for the information I was able to appreciate in that session.

Next (if you haven’t already), be sure to familiarize yourself with Joby’s debut single “Big Girl Ting”. The reggae track has received massive feedback and is currently an anthem for all the women who aim to do and be better. She sings: Big girl ting, seh mi nuh ina nuh laughing ting/ Seh mi nuh ina nuh ramping ting/ Eventually, your true colours will show/And mi nah ramp fi cut you off, if all yuh do a waste mi time, nuh add no value to mi life/ Mi afi be selective wid mi space and mi energy”.



This wave of women’s empowerment has been sweeping the social media space, and the wider society as a whole. Messages in a time like this are important, as women are beginning to really come into their own platforms and have been using their voices to create a safe space for some time now.  Joby’s music has provided this exact vibe, and that’s where we get to her newest release, “Queen”.


She relates: “I know what it’s like/ Feeling like it’s a constant fight/ You don’t like what you see/ But keep the faith, my girl, and watch your words become your destiny.” These words are powerful, and any woman listening can sing along loudly knowing that their story has worth; their story matters.

Overall, it is safe to say that Joby Jay is an act to watch. She has been making notable rounds in the media and in performance circuits, and with a growing fan base it’s quite easy to see why.


Feel free to check out all her associated links below:

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Blessings in abundance!



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