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Monday Motivation: #BlackKingsRising

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“I’m challenging all men to stop being silent and speak up and show up for our sisters, mothers, aunts, friends. Join them and amplify their voices and messages. Educate our fellow men on matters of sexual harassment and how to properly treat and speak to women.

 In addition, I’m prompting us as men to delve deep inside, fight our demons, learn to truly love ourselves, engage and process all of our emotions.  #bevulnerable

 We can’t love and respect others properly if we fail to love and respect ourselves first.

It’s time to learn to listen for understanding and stop listening so we can reply. We need to work on building healthy communication methods amongst ourselves, set aside our egos and just truly listen to what others have to say.”Jik-Reuben Pringle


I accept this challenge. It is time for the Black Kings everywhere to Rise.

Our silence is deafening. As men, we all have those friend groups where jokes about women and/or sexual harassment run rampant. Our work has been set aside for us, for the past injustices that we have suffered through colonialism have wrecked the black family and community to the point where these values were no longer integral. As we rise to reclaim ourselves and our power, we must also fight for the respect and preservation of our black queens as well.

It is time to stand up for the weak and the vulnerable. This can even include other men who may not be as strong; who may be lacking in ways that they may or may not be ignorant of. Some are chained to their egos and possessions, while some have lost all sense of the value they hold within themselves. As difficult as it may be, we cannot leave any of our own behind.

Most of all, we have to rise for ourselves. The love we seek to spread can only come from within, and if I am not able to serve myself this treatment I cannot expect that it will be easy to treat anyone else in this fashion.

“Dear Young Black Males, Show respect for our young sistas. They are young Queens, and you’re young Kings. Black is beautiful, period. If you’re one of those young men who put light-skinned women on a pedestal, but look down on dark-skinned young ladies, stop it! Black women come in all shades, and all black families have all shades within their families. It’s one thing to have a preference, and that’s okay, but don’t belittle the other. Respect, appreciate, and protect our sistas. In closing: We already have to deal with race related crap from other ethnic groups, so why add to it amongst our own? We need to build each other up and be united as one, no matter what our skin tone is. Don’t physically or mentally abuse your young Queen. Respect her just like you’d like your mother, grandmother, or sister to be respected by another male. There’s nothing attractive or cool about mistreating a woman. Nothing at all!”Stephanie Lahart


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