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Monday Inspiration: “Alux”

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In this new age of learning online, our daily screen time has taken on significant importance. Entertainment is good, and even recommended to reduce stress levels and get the creative aspect of the brain flowing. But when it is time to seek knowledge geared towards the betterment of one’s self, you have to go to pages and sites where this type of education will be made available in its most easily digested form. This is where I present to you: “Alux”.

Alux is a luxury series on YouTube that tends to present necessary and relevant information that we would need to be able to make smart financial decisions in our short and long-term thinking. They cover all sorts of perspectives and angles, from “15 Pieces of Good Advice NOBODY Listens To” to “10 Ways To Manage Your Money Better”. The basis for a channel like this is that in order to succeed financially and in all other aspects of your life, you have to be ably informed in such a well-rounded way that you are up to date with all that is currently happening around you. This will take on the form of precedence set by history,  testimonies from the personalities we look up to on a daily basis, trends and statistics mapped by people who are studying current affairs and making research public, and even just how to master your own mind.

The reality is that we need this kind of thinking to spread throughout our Jamaican populace. Our traditional school system is very limited in terms of the subjects covered, as well as how to apply any of these lessons in a practical way in our daily life. It would seem that, without the intervention of a knowledgeable family member, mentor, partner or friend, many would not have achieved the level of success in business, relationships and life that they enjoy today. The masses, however, can fail to come into contact with these same lessons (whether due to upbringing, community socialization, lack of comprehension, varied learning styles, etc).

Rest assured, you will find videos on many topics that should catch your interest in planning a better life; the best places to live, the businesses doing well/doing poorly, self-help tips on becoming a better human being, how Covid-19 is affecting income and expenditure around the world, the most expensive places and things, business lessons from renowned minds like Elon Musk and Socrates, and even how to restart your life.

Overall, it best to study widely to show yourself approved. The thing about learning is that it is a skill that can be developed overtime, and with enough consciousness and practice one can apply the lessons they come across, at their own comfortable pace and timing. As each of us are responsible for our outcomes in life, we should endeavor to go about our responsibilities in a more practical way so we can reap the most benefits from them. With the ability to pass these lessons down from generation to generation, we can begin to build more Jamaican families with sustained generational wealth, health and happiness.

Blessings in abundance!


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