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A Special Message To All Kings and Queens

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These are a few things that most of us already know but might need to be reminded about. Keep your head up and remember that YOU ARE ROYALTY!


Be Yourself

The best person you could ever be is yourself! You should never have to change or hide anything about yourself in hopes to impress anyone. There is nothing wrong with seeing your own flaws and working towards bettering them, but never do it to please anyone else. If you are in a relationship, whether a friendship or intimate relationship and they ask that you change a certain thing about yourself that will make you “better” in their eyes, do not feel obligated to do so unless it is something that you want as well. You should never have to change who you are in fear of losing a partner or close friend because you think that they will lose interest in you. If someone truly loves you, they will always love and appreciate you just as you are. Any person that compares you to others or makes you think that you need to go the extra mile to impress them is someone who does not appreciate you and doesn’t deserve to have someone as special as you in their life.


Don’t Let People Get to You

Everyone in the entire world could be against you or dislike you for whatever reason, but you should never think of turning your back on yourself. Never change the way you think or feel about yourself based on anyone’s opinion. Know yourself, know your worth and know that the only opinion that truly matters is your own. The moment someone’s words start bothering you and changing the way you perceive yourself, you may not realise it at the beginning, but they now have control over you. They now have the ability to get inside your head and alter your beliefs and eventually turn you into someone you’re not. Listen to what they have to say but never let any of it influence you or your decisions.


Surround Yourself With Good Energy

We have all heard the proverbs “birds of a feather flock together” and “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. Both of these are very important to understand as they are very true. Basically, they mean that society tends to categorise persons based on their crowds. For example, if you are always seen hanging around a group of people who are known to give trouble, you will automatically be seen as one of them even if you truly aren’t. Surround yourself with people who have similar qualities and values as yourself and people who tend to be more positive towards life. The only kind of influencers you want are the ones that will motivate you and push you further to achieving your goals instead of holding you back. Also, it is important that these persons are proud and happy for your successes rather than making you feel guilty for reaching further than them.


Check back for Part 2 very soon and let me know in the comments if you have any other reminders to add. Your feedback is very important!


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this is so true #positivity.


Another page, the chapter continues; inspirational


This is really important actually, thanks!


Amazing. Love the positivity