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Managing stress

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We are all dealing with stress – on the streets, at home, and at work. Now and again we may feel particularly stressed because of our workload, disagreements with people, or daily hassles like standing in a long bank line.

High levels of stress can prevent you from feeling good about yourself- Psychologically and physically. Managing stress effectively will make you feel much happier; you will be healthier and perform better. There is no one set method when you are managing stress. It is very important to find out what best works for you. The following coping methods can help you on your journey living a less stressful life.


While you going about your day, pause for a moment, and take deep breaths. When you breathe deeply it sends a signal to your brain to relax and calm down. The brain will then transmit this message to the rest of your body.

Slow down

It doesn’t matter the task that you are doing, whether you are eating, cooking, or brushing your teeth: slow down a bit. Try to be mindful and enjoy whatever it is you are engaging in. Stay in the moment and try not to focus on other things. It’s ok; it isn’t easy but simply remind yourself when your thoughts begin to stray.  New research published in the Journal of Research in Personality points out that being present and aware in the moment strengthens stress resilience.

Scale down on your commitments

Fully complete the task you have currently, but, going forward take on fewer responsibilities. This may be very difficult to accomplish in the beginning, but remember your intention is to simplify your life so that you may have harmony within.

Use less technology

Ipads, laptops, and smartphones can be very distracting. Limit how much you use your devices and time spent checking messages from Instagram or even emails. Try to eliminate using technology at a certain point of the day, for instance, when you are at the dinner table or about to sleep.

 Get comfortable with silence

When you think about someone who is usually the epitome of being peaceful, normally they don’t talk much.

Find a hobby

Research has shown that engaging in pleasurable activities not only reduces stress but also lowers heart rate. There are a plethora of things that you can do, for instance, you can watch anime, go hiking, or even gardening.

Buy a colouring book

Colouring helps you calm down because it’s very hard to concentrate on other things when you are engaged in doing it.

Eat a banana

In general, when people are stressed out their blood pressure rises but the potassium that is found in banana can help to regulate your blood pressure. Also, bananas can replenish your energy after feeling drained from stress.

Smile/Laugh more

According to Lifehack.org smiling and laughing have numerous benefits. You may have to “fake it until you make it” but it’s worth it. Stay positive because no one likes being around negative people. Turn your frown upside down.

Coping with stress isn’t always easy. You may be feeling powerless and overwhelmed but remember nothing lasts forever. Stay cool as a cucumber and alleviate your stress by trying these tips. And if these tips don’t suite you and are not working it is completely fine to seek counselling.



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You left out exercise


These are some great ideas.