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Legalising Abortion- Dr. Alveda King Says ‘Don’t’

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As Jamaica has started debating if legislation should allow women freedom of choice in regards to abortion, Dr. Alveda King, who is the niece of the late great Martin Luther King Jr., strongly warns against going down that road. Dr. King says the experience in the United States has not been a very good one and Jamaica should learn from that country. Ironically, Dr. Alveda King had herself undergone abortions but has now changed her heart and she is a Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn.

Loss of Life and Serious Health Issues Due to Abortions

Dr. King mentioned that in the 35 plus years since America legalised abortion, they have had 60 million deaths of women while or after undergoing legal abortions. She mentioned that a sizeable number of these women were black. Some of the other women who had gone through abortions developed serious health complications like breast and cervical cancers. And that is not all, she said, mental problems, stress, depression, and even suicide have been widely reported. Dr. King shared she had herself undergone such health issues after she had had abortions. She felt that all these facts should be taken into consideration by those advocating that abortion be made legal in Jamaica.

Quotes from Her Famous Uncle; Fortifying Her Argument

Dr. Alveda King said some of her arguments against abortion find reflection in the statements, her uncle, Martin Luther King Jr. had made. There is one in which he had said:

“The Negro cannot win if he is willing to sacrifice the future of his children for immediate personal comfort”.

From a legal perspective, Dr. Alveda King questioned how the rights of the child in the womb were being protected since there is no one fighting on its behalf. The women’s rights are definitely valid but when the woman has someone on her side, who does the other side have? How is justice done here? This is the thrust of her argument, pressing for dropping the idea of bringing in legislation to legalise abortion.

These activists are now advocating alternate ways to handle the situation of unwanted pregnancies. They are working with lawmakers in different countries, to take a fresh look at the issue and not to rush into enacting laws to make abortions legal. The issue, however, will remain controversial as people remain divided for and against women’s rights to abort their children.


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