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Lawyer Couple Before the Courts on Fraud Charges

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Detectives from the Fraud Squad have taken into custody an attorney-at-law on charges of fraud as part of a probe into fraudulent transactions concerning the ownership of a St. Mary property. Facing allegations for demanding property, acquiring money through untrue claims and conspiracy, is 35-year-old Khadine Dixon, an attorney from Kingston. Ms. Dixon was arrested at her office in Kingston on June 6.

Following an announcement on Saturday, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), the police’s Information Wing, stated that investigators have magnified their probe into asserted counterfeit transactions involving a property at Harmony Hall, St. Mary, which reportedly involved Ms. Dixon and her husband–Jerome Dixon, who is an attorney as well. The announcement further stated that Mr. Dixon was charged in 2018 for the forgery of a High Court judge’s signature, and further investigations implied that the wife was also involved in the crime. The Fraud Squad had arrested Mr. Dixon for forgery, articulating forged documents and demanding property with forged documents, on July 19, 2018.

Reports indicated that on March 23, 2018, he lodged an Instrument of Transfer and a court order with the National Land Agency (NLA) including information offering directives for a property in Harmony Hall, St. Mary, which is owned by the plaintiff, to be transferred to one of his clients.

Proven to be a Case of Forged Documents

The probe finally disclosed that, in respect to the Instrument of Transfer that had the signature of a registrar of the Supreme Court, and the court order bearing the signature of a judge at the Supreme Court, both documents had been forged. An additional document purportedly signed by a Justice of the Peace in Kingston was also found to have been faked.

The Instrument of Transfer in question was lodged at the office of the Commissioner of Taxes, where Dixon’s ‘client’ in relation to the property paid a sum of $1.4 million in transfer taxes.

A report was lodged with the Fraud Squad, following which investigations were directed towards Mr. Dixon and he was subsequently arrested. He was offered bail in the sum of $400,000.

Mrs. Dixon, who was also offered bail for a sum of $400,000, is due at Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on June 20, along with her husband.


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