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Latin Nights With Sha-Jay Williams

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Sha-Jay wearing her hand-made Yajahs jewelry (earrings and neck piece).


“Hello! I’m Sha-Jay and today we’re going to talk about my journey as a Latin dancer.”



Did you always know you could dance?

“To answer your question in a nutshell? Yes! I think it started when I was in basic school. My mother would allow me to join the dance society, and this continued while I was in primary school. I did, however, stop in high school because I had taken up singing as my main hobby. I actually started dancing again when we had a Valentine’s Day party in 2019.”


Why Salsa?

“Why not salsa? Honestly, I like every genre of dance. My main ones are Afrobeat, Reggae and Dancehall. However, I found that I really do enjoy Latin music and dances; it’s different from what I’m used to. I think the knack for it really came about when I was younger. My mother, she used to dance salsa so she’d teach me the steps. All I knew at the time were the basic steps (forward step, back step). It kinda grew more when I went away for the summer and I met some Spanish individuals. We went to Latin nights and…it literally just blew my mind when I saw the dances, like “Oh my gosh, I need to learn this!”  So, when I came back and we had our Valentine’s Day party in February (2019) and I realized it was salsa-themed and we were getting the instructors to teach us, I was head over heels! Since then, I knew it was for me. I really do enjoy dancing to Latin music.”



Does dancing help with your jewelry business?

“I won’t necessarily say that it has helped with development of my jewelry business; however, I will say that I have received support from the Latin dance community, and for that I’m really grateful.”


Apart from dancing, singing and being an entrepreneur, what are some interesting facts about you?

“My friends will know that I love the outdoors; I enjoy nature. I like being in the mountains. I like going to rivers, to beaches. I’m very much interested in yoga, even though I’ve only been to it once. Honestly, I don’t really know what is interesting about me apart from the fact that I enjoy making jewelry, I love to dance and I love to sing so I really need to look into that one.”



Where do you find inspiration?

“I’m going to say that I get my inspiration from the women in my life, especially my grandmother and my aunts who are very hardworking individuals. They try to get the work done in spite of obstacles, regardless of whatever. I find that there are times I feel like I want to give up on the business because I’m like, “nobody is really interested in beaded jewelry”; but then I realize that I should probably just shift my focus, find my target market, and not entirely give up per se. I realize that you have tourists, you have young children, you have teenagers who would be interested in these things. So my inspiration? Definitely the women in my life.”



Please feel free to contact Sha-Jay at:


Instagram (Jewelry Page)



Blessings in abundance!


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