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Late Night Thought Questions – Part Two

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  • Am I ever going to achieve anything in life?
  • Will a celebrity ever notice me?
  • Will I ever become a protege to a successful person?
  • Will any of my friends become famous?
  • What is my all-time favorite show?
  • How do I get rid of stretch marks?
  • How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would?
  • Will I ever be in a music video?
  • Will I ever be in a movie?
  • Will I ever become someone great?
  • Will I ever own my own home?
  • Will I ever own a luxury vehicle?
  • At what age will I get married?
  • At what age will I have my first child?
  • Who will be my husband?
  • Will I love my husband unconditionally?
  • Will my husband love me?
  • Will my husband be my best friend?
  • Where will I meet my husband?
  • How many hours are between 10:37 am and 9:20 pm?
  • How many words do I speak a day?
  • How many seconds are between 10:35 am and 9:49 pm?
  • Will my child be like me?
  • Why can’t we choose our children’s genders beforehand?
  • When will I start making some real money?
  • What are the best side hustles for me?
  • I am in love with a man twice my age, how do I tell him?
  • How do I move the fat from my stomach to my buttocks?
  • What movie would I watch if there was nothing else to watch ever again?
  • What if every race was treated equally?
  • When will God’s Kingdom come?
  • Should I take back my ex?
  • What is my favorite animal?
  • Who is my favorite human?
  • Does the Megladon exist?
  • How many other animals exist that have not been discovered?
  • What if I found out one or more of my family members were serial killers? What would I do?
  • Why do brides wear all white gowns?
  • Will I ever get married?
  • What if my child becomes a serial killer?
  • What would I do if I witnessed my child committing a crime?
  • What will I die from?
  • Will I ever be shot or stabbed? How will I react?
  • If I was rich, what would my career path be?
  • If I said “I love you” to someone I loved and they did not respond favorably, should I feel ashamed?
  • What if males got pregnant instead of women?
  • Why do women get pregnant instead of men?
  • Would I have a lot of pain during my pregnancy or will I have a smooth pregnancy?
  • Where will I reside when I am pregnant?
  • Where will my husband and I live?
  • What kind of job will I have after I get married?
  • Will my husband be okay with me staying at home?
  • Do I have a long lost twin?
  • What if I was a twin?
  • What is my favorite cake?
  • What if I was amongst a triplet
  • What happens if I get pregnant with twins?
  • What happens if I get pregnant with triplets?
  • What if my husband dies while I am pregnant?
  • What if my husband leaves me while I am pregnant?
  • What if my husband goes to jail while I am pregnant?

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