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Late Night Thought Questions – Part Three

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  • In the series Dexter, how comes Dexter is the brother of both Debra and Brian, yet Debra and Brian are engaged? What in the world of incest?
  • In the series Dexter, why does Debra fall in love with Dexter even though they consider each other siblings?
  • How do show writers come out with names for the characters?
  • Why are there only three main female characters in the Nickelodeon cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants? Sandy Cheeks, Mrs. Puffs, and Karen?
  • Will my husband be rich?
  • Will my husband die before me?
  • What am I doing up at 2:00 am?
  • Why am I writing an article about my late-night thoughts at 2:00 am on a Monday?
  • What if I had straighter hair?
  • Will someone ever love me for who I am?
  • When will I buy a new car?
  • Will anyone ever love me enough to give me money?
  • Why do they stop making good shows?
  • Why does Netflix remove the shows I am watching?
  • If I was to become a Doctor, what kind of Doctor would I want to be?
  • What does my best day look like?
  • What five traits would make me a better person?
  • How many people have made me smile throughout my life?
  • How many people have I made a smile throughout my life?
  • In the show Dexter, how are two brothers serial killers and only one knows about both?
  • What is the one thing in my life I cannot live without?
  • Who is the one person in my life I cannot live without?
  • What is one thing I am certain I will never experience?
  • What is one weird event I might experience?
  • How do I get my skin to be soft?
  • What would my dream husband be like?
  • What would my perfect child be like?
  • If I was to lose all of my feelings tomorrow, what would I never want to forget?
  • Am I willing to lose a friend for my God?
  • Am I willing to lose my job for my God?
  • Am I willing to lose my husband for my God?
  • Am I willing to lose my child for my God?
  • Am I willing to lose my life for my God?
  • Do I trust anyone with my life?
  • Who do I trust with my life?
  • When will I stop working to make a living?
  • Will I ever have an ex-husband?
  • What would I want my last words to be?
  • Who inspires me?
  • What is my favorite song?
  • Who is my favorite singer?
  • Am I in love with the person? Or Am I in love with the attention I am getting?
  • Which app do I hate but still use?
  • What TV family would I want to be a part of?
  • What was the best thing before sliced bread?
  • If I could choose what country I could be born in, where would I choose?
  • What would I be doing now If I was Oprah’s daughter?
  • How comes I have never heard of a psychic winning the lottery?
  • What is the perfect breakfast?
  • What is the perfect lunch?
  • What is the perfect dinner?



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