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Knight Bearing the Brunt of Grindley’s Scam

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The Petrojam scam has been in the news for quite some time. In a recent turn of events, Floyd Grindley is demanding compensation stating that he was treated unfairly. Floyd Grindley, who was the General Manager of Petrojam, has had a number of charges brought against him. The charges include illegally spending taxpayers money and circumventing the government guidelines. He has  since been trying to fight his dismissal from Petrojam. Grindley, who is currently living in the United States, is seeking compensation to the tune of $40 million for his unlawful dismissal. He is being represented by KD Knight and his law firm. This lawsuit has angered the Opposition People’s National Party.

The Case Against Grindley

Grindley, along with Yolande  Ramharrack, was accused of a lot of under the table dealings. Ramharrack was the Human Resources Manager who has since been found to be unfit for the position. A number of occurrences of malpractice have occurred under the control of Grindley. Nepotism and favoritism are some of the accusations being tossed at both offenders. The Auditor General’s probe had revealed that they both were not qualified for their posts.

Knight Defends Himself

KD Knight and his firm are being criticized for working with Grindley. They are facing a lot of anger from the PNP. In a recent message, Knight clarified his stance. He mentioned that they are doing their duty as lawyers and not on the basis of anything else. Grindley is said to have chosen them due to their reputation and not because of their personal opinions. Knight emphasised  that not because he is representing Grindley does not mean he cannot speak out against corruption. His personal opinions are different from his professional duties.

Knight has expressed his hurt at being attacked by the very party he has been loyal to. He mentioned that all these years he has been faithful to PNP and will continue to do so despite all odds. If PNP wishes to reject him, he would leave; yet he would remain a PNP at heart. Knight mentioned a number of incidents that took place between 1980 and now throughout which he remained loyal to PNP despite trying circumstances. Knight is former Security and Justice, as well as Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister. This recent lawsuit is also threatening his current career as an Opposition Senator. Knight, despite conveying deep disappointment, sticks to his principle by saying that he does not mind being kicked out of the party and will refuse to take instructions from other people.


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