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Job seekers and Recruiters – the Ministry of Labour’s LMIS Can Help You

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Jobseekers are being urged to use the Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s Labour Market and Information System (LMIS). This is the portal established by the Jamaican government to help job seekers and recruiters to fill job opportunities.
The suggestion to make use of the LMIS was made by Lyndon Ford, the Director of the Electronic Labour Exchange (ELE). He was speaking at a JIS Think Tank on Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

This advice could not have come at a better time.

Jobseekers, the LMIS is for You

Home page of the Ministry of Labour’s LMIS where job seekers may register to find employment opportunities.

As schools across the island wrap up their academic year with graduation or valedictory services, numerous job seekers will be on the hunt for jobs. According to Ford, the core purpose of the LMIS is to connect job seekers with potential employers.
At first, in 2002, the Ministry of Labour developed the Labour Market and Information System to focus attention only on low skill positions. Since then, however, the employment portal improved through capacity building to include all job categories. So, the LMIS now caters to all categories of skills up to the PhD level. Job seekers, therefore, should not hesitate to try the Labour Market and Information System first as they proceed in their job hunt.

How to Register on the LMIS

Individuals may register with the LMIS by visiting the lmis.gov.jm website. They may also download the LMIS app, which can be obtained from Google Play for Android devices. For persons who do not have access to a computer or to the internet, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security had partnered with the Ministry of Education Youth and Information (MOEYI) to use the Jamaica Library Service network to accommodate job seekers on their computers.
Alternatively, individuals may visit the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to access public computers there. Ministry officers are also available to assist individuals with registration on the portal. Job seekers will need their resumes, Tax Registration Number (TRN), National Insurance Scheme (NIS) number and recommendations. These documents will greatly assist the manual registration process at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

Not only can job seekers get help finding jobs through the LMIS, but they will also access career guidance and job readiness workshops at the Labour Ministry. These services do not carry a cost to the job seeker.

The LMIS Objectives

Objectives of the LMIS include to spread information on the labour market; enable easy access to employment opportunities; and provide extensive information on the current, prospective, and past economic conditions and job availability. The LMIS portal also allows labour market equity through support and assistance to the unemployed as well as special groups like persons living with disabilities, the elderly and youth.

Recruiters can also use LMIS

Recruiters can also use LMIS in their recruitment strategy. This resource is helpful in identifying potential employees with the skills required. They can also post job opportunities on the portal for job seekers to respond to.
Accessing the LMIS is a cost-effective way for employers to find the next star for their organisations.

So, job seekers, recruiters, why not register with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s Labour Market and Information System (LMIS)? This could very well be the doorway to your dream opportunity.

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