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Have you ever felt as if you’re in a relationship where everything is going great, until one day it becomes really monotonous? It’s like buckling up for an interesting flight, but as soon as there is take off, the momentum suddenly sinks like titanic.


According to one of New York Times Bestselling author and dating expert, Matthew Hussey “Nothing kills a relationship quicker than boredom and predictability.” There has to be some element of enthusiasm and spontaneity coupled with consistency. These are all common grounds for both men and women. Think about the cause and effect principle. Nonetheless, the end result should be unpredictable.

Jamaica’s Olympic Athlete, Asafa Powell explains in an article entitled Keeping your guy interested that some men enjoy surprises, such as receiving a gift for no special reason, planning and inviting them out on dates or simply cooking their favourite meals are enough to keep them intrigued. The article also highlights that some men prefer their partners to be more attentive and supportive rather than cynical and discouraging.

So, what do women want?

According to a study conducted by psychologist and clinical sexologist, Dr. Karen Carpenter, some women prefer attributes like: respect, kindness, honesty rather than good looks and other typical stereotyped characteristics. A general idea shared by both genders however is communication; which plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy relationship. Don Oswald says communication should be HOT (Honest, Open and Two-way). Another T should be added for Tranquil, because yelling only makes it worse. Try to listen and understand your partner rather than being cynical repeatedly. This will not only make your partner uncomfortable, it puts a huge dent in the relationship. Now where’s the fun in that?

Moreover, each day of the relationship should be treated as an ongoing learning process. It’s important to keep trying, until each have discovered what is it that ultimately fuels their relationship? It’s also an adventure worth exploring. Find that special ingredient and avoid procrastinating, because truthfully, the clock is ticking in the eyes of your partner.


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