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Jamaica’s Search For Gold Resolves Water Problem

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Geophysx Jamaica is a company that has started a search for gold and other precious metals in six parishes in Jamaica. Robert ‘Bobby’ Stewart is the man at the helm of this search company.  He stated that the company performed a detailed hunt to find precious metals which led to finding spots where there was a possibility of large areas of water. Radar satellites have been used to potentially identify what is under the surface of the land while conducting this research.

Deposits of Water Discovered

Water has been discovered in many areas during this research which could possibly solve the drought problems that have been plaguing the island for years. This company has disclosed that it will provide the assistance free of cost to the Government of Jamaica in discovering any water source. Maps have been created by the company between the Port Royal and St. Catherine areas in an effort to discover many more sources of water. Drilling land for water is an expensive task. This trial and error method is used to help the Government spot as many water resources as possible on the island.

Robert Montague, Minister of Transport and Mining, confirmed that the company was indeed assisting them in the sourcing and mapping of water. He further stated that this would help them attract investors to create and develop plants in many areas to resolve water problems on the island. The maps have been digitally generated by satellites that show where the water is lying underground and are being sent to the National Water Commission (NWC).

The NWC Officials Have a Different Perspective

The NWC officials have stated that they cannot rely on the trial and error methods of finding water and need a reliable source in finding potable water. They want to reduce the possibility of man-made water storage supply and look for natural resources of water that can resolve all the water problems.

Geophysx is a company that has been researching on finding precious minerals for 2 years and has acquired an exclusive license in doing the same. This company invested $200 million in exploring and research and has so far succeeded in its efforts. Minerals like copper, lead, and zinc have been found. There also seems to be a possibility of finding gold as well.


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