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Jamaicans Love Affair with Facing Hardships

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It has been said that we can be our own worst enemies; the absolute truth when you look at the state of things in society. Recently, the World Health Organization recognized the term ‘Burnout’, as a workplace condition. Burnout is defined as a “state of vital exhaustion”.


In elaborating, the World Health Organization stated that-

“Burnout is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

Stress is one of the key factors that are used to identify Burnout. The Verywell Mind team stated that-

“Employment burnout, also known as “job burnout” or just “burnout,” is a state where you lose all motivation or incentive, leading to feelings of depression or stress”

Unfortunately, many individuals are currently in this very situation. Many also choose to remain in this situation. There are several factors that can be owed to persons remaining in organizations and situations that are leading them to Burnout. Specifically in the Jamaican society, we seem to prefer the state of constant stress in an organization. Allowance can be made for the hard task of finding another job that offers the benefits and opportunities that are required. However, that should not be a reason to not try, to not start searching for a way out!

Toxic Environments

“Better to have a half a bread than nothing”

“Thank God yuh ave a job, some people have nothing”

“Better to inna frying pot than fire”

These are phrases that you are guaranteed to hear if you mention your need for a change, due to your reluctance to continue to withstand the stress of a toxic environment. ‘Gratitude is a must’ as Koffee said, but at what cost should we be thankful? Remaining in a state where you are severely uncomfortable only leads to stress, medical conditions and mental illnesses (a term that has not been given its needed attention in Jamaica).

This life should be one that we aim to achieve and fulfill our life purpose. Sadly, a lot of persons have regrets. In talking to the older generation in Jamaica, the missed opportunities of better jobs, free classes, different positions is a major topic of conversation. A careful look at the positions that many older Jamaicans currently hold, and the time frame that they had been in the same position is a testimony to the misery they are facing. The employers group of Jamaica have performed poorly with unlocking and magnifying an individual’s potential.

Tension and Stagnancy

In addition to the long period of being in the same position with the same duties, it is no wonder they are assumed to being closed off from interaction with young people. There is the belief that tension between the generations is common in organizations due to the differences in communication, work culture and ideals. The stagnancy that is experienced by many individuals must also be considered. For instance, it is the norm for office attendants to remain in the same position for an extensive time. We all know of a ‘Ms. Joyce’ that had been serving coffee for over a decade. Are they really happy? Maybe. Could the organization had performed a more active role in their upward mobility? Absolutely!

Jamaica needs to be a great place to work by 2030, and this is one aspect that needs to be paid attention to. Many Jamaicans are miserable due to the job that they are in. It is no wonder why they are many stress-related conditions that plague the nation. It should not come as a shock if persons simply want to change their jobs due to a desire for a change in scenery. We need to encourage this. Happy life makes a happy Jamaica. Let us get rid of the culture of toiling away until old age makes it difficult to work, until old age makes it difficult to enjoy ourselves. Let us start living in our greatness.


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