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Jamaicans Cautioned To Be Aptly Prepared For the Hurricane Season Ahead

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The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has implored all Jamaicans to prepare for the hurricane season. The Chairman of ODPEM, Joy Douglas has particularly cautioned those living in vulnerable regions likely to be more affected by hurricanes every year to take safety measures and protect themselves during any emergencies. They have been advised to remain alert, look for signs and stay safe.

ODPEM Chairman, Joy Douglas Launches Hurricane Safe Activities

Joy Douglas started hurricane safe activities under the name, ‘Reducing Risk One Community At A Time’. The goal of this program is to address every community, especially those surrounding the potentially affected areas to prepare for the hurricane season. In this program, steps to protect themselves from the hurricanes will be taught. The Chairman also mentioned at a press conference held at the ODPEM office in Kingston that the Jamaican Government is taking measures to develop a resilient program to provide a safe environment for Jamaicans during the hurricane season.

$353 Million Dollar Program to Reduce Risk During Hurricane

The ODPEM Chairman said during the press conference that the Government has initiated a project to provide safety measures for its citizens. Keeping the climatic conditions in mind, smart solutions have been developed to provide a preventive measure to avoid any mishaps during the hurricane season. Infrastructure is developed under the replacement program and provisions are provided under the Building Act as well as the Disaster Risk Management Act. The objective of this program is to prevent any risk that could occur during the hurricane season.

Predictions of the Hurricane from the Meteorological Department

For the year 2019, the meteorological department has predicted that hurricanes will be normal and there will be no risk of natural calamities during this season. It is predicted that there could be 9 to 15 tropical storms until the hurricane season ends on November 30. Out of these storms, 4 to 8 could become hurricanes. There could be a possibility of 2 to 4 hurricanes this season. These hurricanes could reach the 3rd or 4th category of causing significant damage. Preparations and preventive measures have been taken to protect the island from this predictive disaster.


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