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Jamaican Youtuber Interview Series: Titania Mycko

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Q: What’s your name?

A: Titania Mycko

Q: What do your friends call you?

A: Tt

Q: What is your YouTube channel called?

A: Teatime with Tiny T

Q: When did you start your channel?

A: I started about a month ago

Q: What was the reason for starting your channel?

A :Honestly, I have been meaning to start a channel from about 2-3 years ago however I barely had time in the past. Now, I am in quarantine, I have a little more extra time to join this venture.

Q: What kind of videos do you make?

A: My channel showcases lifestyle, beauty and vlogs

Q:How do you come up with the ideas for your videos?

A: I garner ideas from my followers on social media platforms along with my own.

Q:How long does it take you to edit your videos?

A: About 2-3 days

Q:How old are you ?

A: 17

Q: Are you in High school or college?

A: High school

Q: What are your future plans for your channel?

A:I plan on perfecting on my editing skills and producing better content for my viewers in the future

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A:The future is a world of possibilities and honestly more than anything else I just want to be successful.

Q: How has Covid-19 affected your You Tube channel and your life in general?

A: Though Covid-19 has given me much more time, content would be much easier to make without these Covid restrictions.

Q: Do you believe Jamaican you tubers can be successful?

A: Yes, Jamaican youtubers can be successful, I think it just all comes down to your target audience and perseverance

Q: What did your family and friends say when you wanted to start a channel?

A: They were actually very supportive

Q: Outside of YouTube what do you do? 

A: Outside of youtube I would like to pursue a career in medicine.

Q: Would you consider doing YouTube full time?

A:I’ve put much into consideration and I would like to think if it is to happen then it will.

Q: What kind of platform do you hope your channel will be?

A: I would like to create a platform that will not only uplift others but also somewhere that persons can learn lifestyle hacks.

Q: To all the Jamaicans out there who are considering starting a channel what would you like to tell them?

A: My biggest piece of advice is that you have to stay determined because there will be times when you will question if this venture is worth it. As long as you have a passion for what you’re about to do, channel that passion and let it drive you to continuously create content.



Q: Who’s your dream collab partner?

A: Dymondflawless


Q: What is the craziest video you’d like to make?

A: I really don’t know tbh, I would love to just film myself doing something really crazy like sky diving.


Q: Do you have any funny filming stories?

A: I wouldn’t consider it that funny but I once filmed half of a video, while the phone was off. By the time I realised I only could stare at the phone and laugh.


Q: What is your favourite colour?

A:I love each and every colour but I think I love seeing the colour teal.


Q:What’s your motto?

A:“You learn more from failure than success”


Q:How would you define your style?

A: Simple yet classy


Q: What’s your pet-peeve?

A: Pessism


Q:What’s the one thing you’re never without?

A:My phone, I’m never without my phone


Q: What are some upcoming videos you have? ( If you don’t want to say it out-right give hints)

A: Just more fun 😉



Q: Puppies or kittens?

A: Puppies all the way


Q: Twitter or Snap chat?

A: Snapchat


Q: Best day ever?

A: No specific day, just any day I get to spend with my friends, joking and having a good time.


Q: Worst day ever?

I don’t think I have any such day.


Q: What kind of future do you dream of?

A: One which I am able to afford the life I want without ever having to worry.


Titania’s social media handles-

Instagram: Tt.indie

Twitter: Tt_indie

Snapchat: kellyboo101tt


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