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Jamaican Youtuber Interview Series: Amanda Whylie

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[Begin transcript]

What’s your name?

My name’s Amanda Whylie.


What do your friends call you?

My friends call me by my first name or last name.


What is your YouTube channel called?

Amanda Whylie


When did you start your channel?

I started my channel in August of 2016.


What was the reason for starting your channel?

At the time, I was really inspired by Lilly Singh and a lot of lifestyle vloggers, so much so that it encouraged me to learn how to make videos. Those two things combined resulted in me deciding to start my channel.


What kind of videos do you make?

I now make a lot of content related to film and photography, as well as vlogs.


How do you come up with the ideas for your videos?

I don’t really have a specific system. Every once in a while, I get a specific prompt or idea, but I won’t know where to take it until I sit down one day and come up with 30 video ideas around them. After that, I look at the ones that I find to be the most challenging or fun to do, yet realistic, and plan around that.


How long does it take you to edit your videos?

My videos take around 4 to 10 hours to edit, depending on the type of video that it is.


Are you in High school or college?

I’m in high school.


What are your future plans for your channel?

I honestly just hope to make videos that educate people about things that I think are important and give people something to ease back and enjoy – two things which have been the main focus from the get-go. But to go into more detail, I definitely would like the production quality of the videos to increase with time.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to pursue Film and Television Production and International Business, and after that who knows where life will take me? I think I’ve thought about so many different things I could do at this point that I have simply just left it up to fate to point me in the right direction.

How has Covid-19 affected your You Tube channel and your life in general?

At first, I felt compelled to make content given the amount of newfound time that was now open on my schedule since I wasn’t going to school. However, I didn’t make any new videos until the beginning of May, just because I feel as if it’s extremely important not to rush creativity, or you might miss out on ways to improve on what you’re hoping to achieve.

In terms of my life, I’m really grateful for the fact that it hasn’t changed much other than the typical restrictions that everyone else has to comply with… I’m happy to be alive and well.


Do you believe Jamaican you tubers can be successful?

It’s more than possible. There are so many Jamaican YouTubers who make great content- it is something that is already happening.


What did your family and friends say when you wanted to start a channel?

My family was pretty iffy about it at first, but after I explained the whole concept of YouTube to them, they were pretty much on board. My friends were also very supportive from the day that I uploaded my first video.


Outside of YouTube what do you do? ( if you do any other kind of professional work mention it here)

I’m a pretty creative person in general, so once something peaks my interest, I don’t hesitate to try it out—I tend to work on a lot of ideas for screenplays, or play around with graphic design from time to time. However, what I focus on the most outside of YouTube is my photography. I fell in love with photography around two years before I started my channel, and I now do some freelance work here and there.


Would you consider doing YouTube full time?

Yes, I would definitely consider it.


What kind of platform do you hope your channel will be?

To be honest, I really hope that it is and will continue to be a place where people can either go to learn something or smile, and that it’ll be a true reflection of concepts and topics that are important to me.


To all the Jamaicans out there who are considering starting a channel what would you like to tell them?

Start with whatever you have, whether it is a camera or an iPhone or an Android. Just start with what you have, and never think that it is impossible to learn anything. We live in a world of easy access- anything you want to learn, just type it into Google.



Who’s your dream collab partner?

In terms of YouTubers, I would definitely want to collaborate with Lilly Singh or Peter McKinnon on something.


What is the craziest video you’d like to make?

If I had the resources and the time to, I’d definitely want to make a video out of doing a lot of crazy outdoor activities like cliff-diving or riding quads etcetera. Even though I’m not that sporty, I’m a sucker for adventure and noise… I can’t be silent to save my life.



What is your favourite colour?

Interestingly enough, I don’t have one and if I did, it would change too often.


What’s your motto?

Whatever happens, be yourself, and don’t stop until you’re proud.


How would you define your style?

My video-making style depends on the type of video that I’m making.


What’s your pet-peeve?


What’s the one thing you’re never without?

A camera. Whether it is on my phone or it’s my Canon you can bet on my grave that I have to have something that can either take a video or a photo with me.


What are some upcoming videos you have? ( If you don’t want to say it out-right give hints)

I’m currently working on a video where I attempt to make a film from different clips sent to me by some friends and creatives. I won’t say much more or else I’ll spoil it, but if it goes the way I would like, then it’ll have a really exciting result.


Puppies or kittens?

Puppies… I’m definitely a dog person.


Twitter or Snap chat?

Twitter for sure.


Best day ever?

Any day where I can actually get out of the house and be around the people, I love is a great day to me.


Worst day ever?

Honestly, bad events seem to mesh together for me… I can never remember a really terrible moment.


What kind of future do you dream of?

One where I can travel endlessly and pursue any goal I have in mind. But most importantly, all I would like my future to be is happy and fulfilling.


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Instagram: @by.asw

Twitter: @amandawhylie

Pinterest: @amandawhylie702

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